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What is Carb Loading? (Carbohydrate Loading for Athletes)

– Most athletes believe
that in order to perform
at optimal level, you need to carb-load
for energy and satiation.
There are studies that researchers show
that a high fat low,
carb diet for athletes
can enhance your performance,
even more than a carb load can.
As a retired pro athlete,
I can vouch for this.
Before we get started, I want
to get you a free resource
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So, when we’re talking about carb loading
or also called carbo loading,
athletes think they need it.
The problem is carb addicted athletes,
they do need more carbs,
because it’s a vicious cycle.
When you’re addicted to something,
you need more of that
in order to keep going.
You become habituated to it.
That’s the nature of addiction right?
Well carbs are no different,
and when the body is being used
to being fueled by glucose,
which comes from carbs,
then it’s gonna need more
glucose to keep going.
However, athletes who
switch over to becoming
a fat adapted athletes, driven by ketones,
once you actually detox from the carbs,
you become a fat adapted athlete,
and you’re producing ketones,
and you’re being fueled by ketones.
That is a much more
efficient way to be fueled
and why is that?
Because with the carb addicted athletes,
you have this spike and drop constantly
throughout your performance.
You’re gonna notice and
I know carb athletes,
are you listening to me?
You know what I’m saying.
You’re nodding your head.
You’ve got this spike when you have a goo
or some sort of shot blocks
or something that gives
you that sugar, and then what happens?
Your energy plummets
and you need another one
to get it back up and throughout
your whole performance,
right, your 100-mile bike
ride or your ultra marathon
or whatever you’re doing,
throughout your performance,
you’re experiencing the spike
and drop and spike and drop.
However, once you switch over to becoming
a keto adapted athlete, which is gonna
take some time by the way.
You’re gonna have to detox from the carbs,
you’re gonna have to make the switch.
You’re gonna notice a
steady output of energy.
It’s incredible and there
are great resources.
In fact I suggest my athletes
watching this right now
to get a book called “The Art and Science
“of Low Carbohydrate
Performance” by Dr. Phinney.
Get that on Amazon.
It’s a really easy read
and that’s gonna really,
really break it down
and explain the science
behind a fat adapted athlete
versus a carb addicted athelete.
The best thing that athletes can do,
eat real food, drink water
and get adequate sleep.
Look if you’re an elite level athlete,
high performance athlete,
maybe a collegiate athlete
or a professional athlete,
you’re probably not watching this
video, but the majority of
the people watching this video
are recreational athletes,
or not even athletes at all,
or you want to be an athlete someday.
That’s totally fine.
I’m a recreational athlete.
I am not a pro athlete anymore.
I’m a normal recreational athlete now.
And I’m telling you right
now, you’re gonna perform
just fine in whatever sport you’re doing,
whether you’re running
a 5K, which is 3.2 miles
or you’re doing crossfit
a couple of times a week
or you’re walking your dog
or you’re doing light jogs,
whatever you’re doing,
you can absolutely perform
at a very good level,
just eating real food,
drinking water and making
sure you get your sleep.
It’s funny to me.
A lot of athletes they
try to get so into this.
They hyper analyze and they
do this whole carb thing,
but then most of them are sleep deprived
and most of them are dehydrated.
So, really what are you focusing?
I would rather see you get your sleep.
In fact if you get your sleep
you’re gonna find that you’re
gonna perform much better
than all the other, the
crap we put in your water
and the starch and this and
that and the energy drink,
some pre and post workouts,
all that money you spend,
all that time, all that
energy that you spend
trying to get those
athletic performance foods
and waters in your
diet, and you know what?
You would actually experience
a much better performance
if you just got at least
seven hours of sleep at night
and kept up your
hydration with real water.
So, don’t overthink it.
It’s actually quite simple.
Don’t think that you have to
get certain kind of things.
You know what I always like to say?
I don’t eat around my workouts,
and I don’t work out around my food.
They are synergistic.
They don’t need to
compete with each other.
You don’t need to put that
much energy into this.
Real food, water, sleep.
You’re totally gonna be fine.
If you’re ready to perform
at an optimal level,
whether you’re an athlete or not,
I have a program just for you.
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Randall Smitham



  1. Kresna Rudy Posted on September 5, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Atlets do carb loading but they are not getting fat ?

  2. K Barker Posted on September 5, 2019 at 2:08 pm

    As a former collegiate athlete, everything Cristy said was true. From the time I started competing at a high level in Jr High to my 4 year lettering at a division 1 university, I was a fat athlete who was told I just need to work out harder to lose the weight and to carb load. This was my education from coaches that stuck with me for 23 years past my college career. Now at 45, I'm less than 2 months into the Code Red program and have lost almost 37+ lbs. Now a busy mom of 2 young kids, high level professional and I'm getting my water, sleep, and eating high quality food. Life is getting better. Cristy- oh why couldn't you have been around with this message 30 years ago. Thank you for this now, life is improving every day!

  3. Breanne Holaday Posted on September 5, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    I'm a wannabe recreational athlete. First I got to get this weight off.