December 8, 2019
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What is Clean Keto? + 8 Simple Tips to Eat Clean on Keto

[Text: What is clean keto? + 8 simple tips to eat clean] [Text: Clean keto is a health-focused approach to the keto diet] [Text: that combines the healthy nutrient density of the paleo diet with keto’s fat-burning macros.] [Text: Unlike dirty keto, which focuses on low quality convenience foods,] [Text: clean keto places a higher value on micronutrient-rich, whole foods.] [Text: It’s a long-term solution that helps shed extra pounds while boosting overall physical and mental health!] [Text: 8 Tips to eat clean on keto] [Text: 1. Swap processed foods for whole foods] [Text: Instead of a cheeseburger from your local fast-food joint,] [Text: Try swapping it for a homemade grass-fed burger, topped with local full-fat cheese, and nitrate-free bacon!] [Text: 2. Choose healthy fats] [Text: Healthy fat is fat that creates anti-inflammatory effects in the body.] [Text: Unhealthy fats increase inflammation in the body, which can cause heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.] [Text: 3. Eat your veggies] [Text: Adding vegetables to your meals is your easiest way to get your dose of vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, fiber.] [Text: 4. Ditch the artificial sweeteners] [Text: Artificial sweeteners can damage the gut, but thankfully, there are many clean keto options you can use to sweeten your drinks!] [Text: 5. Choose grass-fed and organic meat] [Text: Grass-fed, organic meat, boasts more micronutrients and healthier saturated fat.] [Text: 6. Grass-fed organic dairy products] [Text: Compared to its processed counterparts, grass-fed dairy has significantly more vitamins and minerals.] [Text: 7. Make simple, homemade keto meals] [Text: Cooking at home offers you the advantage of having full control over everything you’re eating.] [Text: 8. Change your mindset] [Text: Prioritize the long term benefits of better health and lasting results, instead of just using keto as a “quick fix”!] [Text: For more info, check out the full article (link in description)!] [Natural force logo and text: Natural Force]

Randall Smitham