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What is Keto? (Cutting Through the Confusion)

what’s up everybody is Justin Clovis is
not keto because it’s not ah I’m so excited about
this episode I’m so excited because I’ve been dealing with this with Clovis since
day one pet peeve number one calling Clovis keto
this happens everywhere all the time so for those of you that don’t know me my
name is Justin alt I am the CEO and founder of Clovis I invented a product
called the perfect paleo powder in this kitchen literally seven feet away from
me is where I invented the perfect paleo powder the first formula in 2014
launched in 2015 I am now a certified nutritional therapist I am a certified
specialist and sports nutrition I am in school again for more nutritional
certifications and I started Clovis and now I transform people’s lives literally
over 500 people I have worked with on a one on one client basis right and we’ve
had crazy transformations people have lost 100 pounds they lost 60 pounds
they’ve lost 60 pounds in 40 days they’ve lost 21 pounds and 14 days crazy
stuff right I transform people’s lives that’s what I try to do here let’s jump
in so first things first what is keto we have to talk about where the confusion
comes from I have to define what heal is now I literally said this in am a number
one right so there’s gonna say am a number one I said people are very
confused about keto and i actually blamed podcasters and influencers right
I blame them it’s not necessarily their fault they just don’t know what they
don’t know specifically an AMA one I talked about guys like Joe Rogan and
Brendan Shaw who I am a huge fan of literally I loved both of their podcasts
they’re fantastic I’m a huge fight fan I love everything that Brendan’s doing Joe
Rogan is amazing I’m a huge fan of jørgen and they started calling
themselves Kido when they were really just like avoiding grains and bread
right they were just low-carb but they call themselves keto now what happens is
these guys are doing some 100 million downloads a month on their podcast
that’s insane they’re like the most pain as podcasters on planet Earth right so
what follows that is this epidemic of Kido dieters these copycats that are Kyo
dieters that literally have no idea what they’re talking about
like none not even a little bit like the way that Joe and Brendon talked about it
is fragmented and a little bit confused and then these guys it’s like a
telephone game in kindergarten right where the message gets changed it’s just
awful at this point so let me be clear about a few things
low-carb does not automatically mean ketogenic ketogenic does not
automatically mean paleo paleo itself does not automatically mean low-carb
nothing could be further from the truth and paleo never means ketogenic okay
details matter right I say details matter over and over and over that’s
really really important so I’m gonna keep it basic just the guidelines of the
diet what is key right so keto is not paleo not paleo okay keto is not paleo
why keto allows dairy right off the bat it’s not paleo for that reason paleo
does not allow any dairy right it also keto also allows basically any
zero carbohydrate sweetener right like these things that people put in coffee
or bake with or whatever it allows basically any zero carbohydrate sugar
sweetener regardless of what ingredients they’re derived from again not paleo for
instance if you have a maltodextrin that is derived from corn corn is not paleo
thus maltodextrin from corn is not pay bail
correct okay there we go so keto is also not anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory
now when I say these things they’re not blanket statements because I have to be
fair right keto is not necessary anti-inflammatory but it can be when
it’s done correctly it can be anything that lowers refined carbohydrate
consumption is anti-inflammatory but the inclusion the blanket inclusion of all
high-fat dairy products can often promote inflammation especially if not
sourced perfectly from just the right animals in just the right way you could
literally eat nothing but sour cream and be keto right
so scratch the anti-inflammation keto is not paleo can’t keto is not
anti-inflammatory not by default right so then we have an issue with quality
right let me get a new marker here but we have an issue with quality now again
I have to be fair okay because some people do keto right some people do
focus on food quality but generally speaking people come in and they muddy
the waters that’s what’s happening right so many people on keto we’re dealing
with an if it fits your macros type situation if it fits your macros if it’s
keto macros doesn’t matter where you get it from you can eat nothing but feedlot
kielbasa all day long right that’s ridiculous
this is also how you end up with social media posts that get shared by millions
of people telling their friends that their keto and they’re giving them tips
like these are the foods to order at Wendy’s to make your Wendy’s order keto
these are the foods to order at Burger King to make your Burger King keto
these people are so dumb I can’t even wrap my brain around it okay I mean I
understand I’m being mean but I understand the concept of like hey if
you have to get fast food just make it less damaging mitigate the damage order
I don’t buy that shit man because why I would just fast I would just fast right
fasting intermittent fasting is something that I’ve been preaching for
quite a while now from basically from the beginning of Clovis we’ve talked
about in fasting way back when and time
restricted eating right so don’t try to make terrible crappy low quality food is
not Kido don’t try to make it Kido right so that’s the thing is if you’re not
monitoring food quality keto is not necessarily high quality all the time
again this is misinformed people muddying the water that’s a problem
right so what is Kido really ok so let’s start with macros so if we’re talking
about macros this is what’s really important this is how you reach a state
of new deep nutritional ketosis right so if we talk about fat we’re looking at
daily calories from fat and anywhere to 70 to 90 percent of daily calories
that’s a lot of fat it is a lot of fat you’re basically treating fat like a
supplement ok so the thing with that if we were to take averages now again
there’s a lot of different experts with a lot of different books there’s a lot
of different influencers with blogs and blogs and every other thing you can
think of and YouTube channels but on average this number for fat you’re
looking at about 78 percent of calories from that right a lot of fat that’s a
lot of it ok so you’re looking at about 78 percent now daily net carbs so if you
look at carbs you’re looking at around 3 and the low end to 5 maybe 7%
carbohydrates but really you’re looking at that 3 to 5 percent of daily calories
from net carbohydrates ok now it’s literally almost zero I have a problem
with this I don’t like the implications of this for the gut microbiome which
thrives on dietary fiber and micronutrients found in leafy green
vegetables I am a huge fan of telling people to eat leafy green vegetables
right the other issue the third one is we’re gonna get into protein now again
comparatively if you’re wondering this fact 78 percent I recommend around 60
net carbs carbs are always net carbs right 3 to 5 percent
I recommend around 10 now we’re talking protein right so protein is anywhere
from like 17 to 20 percent on a ketogenic diet now again just so
nobody’s confused we’re talking about keto here this is keno okay so we’re
talking about keto protein seventeen to twenty percent why people worry about
something called gluconeogenesis the body can convert protein into glucose in
the system but it only does it under specific circumstances it’s really not a
concern it’s not the concern that people think that it is okay and believe it or
not of all of this this right here this is the number that really bothers me
this is where I really struggle with keto and we’re going to talk about that
a little down the line we’re gonna get there but first things first
let’s talk about all this fat right let’s talk about all this fat so to do
this right you literally need to drink fat right as you guys know you guys have
all been shocked by the caloric need that I give you right when I tell you
you need to eat this many calories what this is your macros a lot of women are
like I don’t know how you expect me to hit those numbers that’s so much food
right it’s more food than you expect now picture if you had way more fat added to
that you literally need to drink fat to make this work so things like
bulletproof coffee make up the majority of your diet you’re drinking constant
MCT oil you’re supplementing butter you’re cooking things in bacon all day
long etc etc does fat make you fat no of course not that’s technically impossible
from a biochemistry standpoint unless under certain circumstances and mixed
with carbohydrates blah blah blah blah blah if you’re eating low carb fat is
not going to make you fat right I’m a huge fan of that it’s a superfood most
of your daily calories on the Clovis protocol come from fat just not this
high so my question is I’m a fan of that do I think you should be slurping up as
much fat as humanly possible when your goal is to burn stored body fat
probably not especially if you’re overweight right the fat you’re adding
to the bloodstream very well can and probably will be
burned for energy before your triglycerides your stored fat depending
on the type of Fagor in jessamine it’s like the gas tank with glucose all over
again you

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  1. xyltol C5H12O5 Posted on May 20, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Oh boy, there were lots of confusing and false information in this video. I don't claim to be an expert, but after two years of almost daily research, i know the difference, if someone explains it correctly or not. Well, at least it wasn't Jillian Michaels explanation.

  2. sanjay4real Posted on May 20, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    too much jibar jabber..and quirkiness all over the place in this presentation…the critizing of the other blogs/videos and "influencers" seem to apply this video as well…anyways imho the real learning component of this video starts at 6m50s

  3. Autumn Matson Posted on September 24, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    What's up w the criticism who knows more bs? For real. I understood it. Maybe one day I will exceed this nutritionist, join in on some videos & prove my point. Lol, not happening. Seriously though, information seem down to earth, makes sense. Glad I found you.