October 22, 2019
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What Is Keto Diet | What Is Ketogenic Diet | Low Carb Diet In Hindi

Friends, a keto diet means consuming low-carb foods. This diet is also known as the ketogenic diet. The calories we get from the keto diet are from 5% of carbohydrates, 20% from protein and the rest of the 75% is from fat. A simple mechanism and a simple logic work behind the keto diet. Listen carefully, When we consume carbohydrate supplements, the amount of glucose in the body starts increasing. The insulin present in our body helps glucose to reach throughout the body through the blood. Our body produces energy with the help of glucose, which helps us in our work all day. Now it happens that, Our body does not use fat to get energy in the presence of glucose, due to which the amount of fat in our body starts increasing. Which leads to obesity. The main purpose of a keto diet is, Producing less amount of glucose in our body, so that our body produces energy by burning fat instead of glucose, by that fat will be decreased. When we follow the keto diet, the amount of carbohydrates in our body starts decreasing, which leads to the condition of ketosis. Now let’s talk about what is ketosis? When the amount of carbohydrates in our body decreases then the natural process which makes us survive is called ketosis. Ketones are produced in ketosis, which burns the fat present in our liver and gives us energy. In keto diet, we have to consume low carbohydrate supplements, that’s why keto diet is also called low carb diet. You have to keep one thing in your mind that, If your job is such that you have to do more manual work for the whole day, You also have to consume some high-fat foods in this diet, hence this diet is also called a high-fat diet. Before starting the keto diet, you have to take care of some things which we will talk about in the next chapter. One important thing before starting the Keto Diet, You must talk to your family doctor and your dietician.

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