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What is Ketosis? -Burn Fat on the Keto Diet

(upbeat music) – So, I’ve been doing lots
of research and trials into the ketogenic diet. And, I’m confident that the ketogenic diet is the most natural and
the most effective way to lose the weight. So, in this video today
I just want to go over the basics of the ketogenic diet. So, I want to start off with ketosis. What is ketosis? So, ketosis is where the
body is utilizing fats as its source of energy. So, fats can come in
two forms: either fats from what we’re eating
or stored body fats. Whereas, ketogenesis is the
break down of these fats. So, it’s broken down into
ketone bodies or ketones. So, it’s these ketones that then forms an alternative source of metabolic energy for the body. So, how do we get these ketones or how to get our body into a fat burning state of ketosis? Well, every healthy human
being has these ketone bodies in their blood already. However, it’s only when the
body’s natural source of energy, which is glucose or carbohydrates, it’s only when the glucose
is deprived or depleted that these ketones or
ketone bodies will increase. So, think of your body as
a car that has two tanks. On this side we have
the traditional petrol and on this side we have rocket fuel. Now, the car can’t use both
tanks at the same time. It will either favor one or the other. So, in order for the
car to transition over to using the rocket fuel, we have to first drain
the tank of the petrol. So, once the petrol tank is empty we can then shift over
into using the rocket fuel. So, how it works in
our body is the ketones So, ketones, ‘key’ tones. So, the way it works is
through the hypothalamus in the brain. Once the body knows that it’s depleted in the glucose, the insulin levels will increase. This then triggers the liver to increase the levels of ketones. It then releases more of the fat cells to be converted into energy. So, it’s done through a molecule called acetoacetate. So, this is the mother molecule. And, it’s then broken down
into two more molecules. The first one is acetone. So, the acetone is broken
down and it gets converted and goes elsewhere into the body. The other molecule is
beta-hydroxybutyrate. So, that’s a bit of a mouthful. Or it’s often shortened to BHB. So, in my further videos I’m going to go into a lot more detail about beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB. So, make sure you subscribe to my channel, I’m Sick of Being Fat, to
keep up on these videos. But, for the moment, just think of beta-hydroxybutyrate or the BHB as a storing molecule. So, it’s a little bit like
at home when you’ve got a lot of food left over in your fridge. So, you’re going to take
the food and put the excess into the freezer so that you can use the food later when you need it. So, that’s really what
BHB is for the body. And, it allows these ketones,
then allow it to be converted for that energy. So, you can see that ketosis is actually a very natural process. And, it’s actually been used for hundreds and hundreds of years when we didn’t have access to food or there was famine. So, our bodies were able
to eat, to store the fat, convert the fat into energy, get us through the periods of time of fast until the next meal. So, that’s really what ketosis is, a very effective way
of the body storing fat and utilizing it later for energy. We just need to be able to harness it. So, that’s really where I come in. So, what I want you to do is
to subscribe to my channel, my YouTube channel, which
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and if you have any comments or questions from today’s video, make sure you put those below and I’ll
see you in the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)

Randall Smitham



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