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What Low Carb Diets Can Do To Your Gut Health

Dr. Eric Bakker here. Thanks for coming back. We’ve got quite a few topics to cover today
and it’s springtime, so I’m a happy chappy. Thanks for returning back to this channel. Now, let’s talk about different types of diets. We’ve got a few different videos on low carb
diets today, but the question is what low carb diets do to your gut health, or how does
your gut health get effected when you eat a low carbohydrate kind of diet. There’s a huge shift in many countries around
the world, particularly in America, in Europe, towards going keto and towards eating more
animal-based proteins, more fat, less carbohydrates in general. And we’re talking nearly all grains have been
chopped out of many people’s diets now. Not just wheat, but we’re talking most grains
people are cutting out now. I’m noticing this alarming trend with many
patients, particularly from the states, that are going head on into keto where they’re
consuming more meat, more fat, more processed meats, more butter. For example, people are eating butter, coconut
oil, things like that. But large amounts of meat and eggs and chicken
and fish. So of course they are losing weight, but is
it sustainable? Is it healthy? What’s going to happen to the gut long term
when you eat these kinds of foods? Well, all the research that I’ve been looking
at points out to the fact that it certainly affects your colon. Your gut bacteria get very much effected by
these kind of diets. You can in some cases even starve your colon
by reducing the population of short chain fatty acids. Now these are byproducts of bacterial fermentation. So many carbohydrates, for example, will escape
complete digestion, including proteins and fats. They’ll actually bypass the small bowel, get
into the colon. Now you need good levels of bacteria there,
and a lot of really good microbial balance to help to break up food. When you’re starting to overload the system
with animal proteins, when you’re going to take out carbohydrates and foods that allow
a natural healthy fermentation and create a reduction in the short chain fatty acids,
it normally follows that kind of diet is often low also in antio-oxidants. So this is a sad fact. Many people, they’re going to lose weight,
but they get [inaudible] major gut problem because you’re going to get a big imbalance
in the colon. More gas, more bloating, and I’ve seen this
with several people. So what’s the solution if you had to choose
between two types of low carb diets? Well, as some doctors say online “healthy
keto,” but my concern with healthy keto is people are still going to overload with far
too much meat. All right? In 2050, it’s purported that there’ll be over
10 billion people on this planet, and meat consumption is completely un-sustainable with
that kind of level of population. It’s even unsustainable today. We’re seeing what’s happening around the world
with fires and with how much land an animal needs actually to produce a couple of hamburgers. It’s ridiculous. I’m not a vegan, and I’m not again saying
you should not eat meat. I think meat forms an important part of the
diet, but I think it forms a very small part of the diet. Okay? Not a big part of the diet, a small part. This is going to happen by default in years
to come anyway. As meat becomes so expensive that people won’t
be able to afford to buy it anyway, and they’ll be eating the quantity that they should be
eating, which is small pieces of meat, not big large steaks cooked up. It’s just not a good idea. So going into a high fat, high meat diet is
not good for bowel health, and in turn it could even accelerate many different chronic
diseases like diabetes or heart disease. What’s the solution? More plants in your diet. Definitely grains or something you don’t want
to chop out 100% from your diet. When I look at the comments on my YouTube
channel, I find some of them quite ridiculous, where some people actually believe that you
need to cut every single grain out of the diet and eat nothing but meat, eggs, chicken
and fish, and some green vegetables sparingly. Some people actually believe that’s the correct
way to live, but I can tell you now, it’s not the correct way to live. It’s not balanced. You may seem all nice and sexy and all great
the first few years, but I would like to talk to that person in 25 or 30 years of that kind
of diet consumption, and I would expect a lot of health complications. I don’t even think the person will last that
long with that type of diet approach. So if you look at people living in the Mediterranean,
they never cut out lots of different grains out of their diet. The Japanese never took rice out their diet. The Italians and Greeks never took pasta out
of their diet. Did they all die of heart disease at a young
age? No, the opposite! They live long lifespans. They were skinny people, they weren’t fat
people. They were balanced. They had balanced lifestyles, where they worked
hard and they didn’t just go to takeaway two or three times a week. These people made their own food, but they
did have a diet that was based in high antioxidant-rich foods. They did eat meat but sparingly, and had a
large amount of plants, and that’s in seeds and grains in the diet. That to me is the basis of a healthy diet. It’s a combination of plenty of plant-based
proteins, natural healthy fats and some protein, but not protein top heavy. And if you are going to look at proteins,
remember plants and grains often have a lot of protein in them too. You don’t need meat to get protein, okay? Many sources, so it’s not a great idea to
plunge head on into a high protein diet, and forgetting the fact that you’ve got bacteria
down there that need feeding as well. Don’t forget the carbs. They are an important part of your diet. Let’s read down a few of my favorites. Quinoa, millet, oats, buckwheat, bananas,
sweet potatoes, beetroots, blueberries, grapefruits. I love grapefruits, apples and chickpeas. Those are some key foods that many people
take out, and the other one I should add to that list would be rice, especially brown
rice. Many people take that out now thinking they’re
going to get fat from brown rice, so nothing could be further from the truth. Right? There you have it. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free report. Thanks for tuning in.

Randall Smitham



  1. Candida Crusher Posted on October 7, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    Tired of diets failing to make you lose weight again and again? Learn how to transform your metabolism by cleaning up your gut. Get my free PDF "7 Diets That Won't Work Until You Fix Your Gut" via the link below & finally get the body you deserve.


  2. peelyo94 Posted on October 7, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    good advice.. i had candida and bad bacteria and i found online people told me to do keto and no carbs and i have ended up worse i couldn't even eat rice anymore and when i do i get like a diabetic feeling of head rush and tiredness etc :/ im on your canxida products now and just stick with quinoa and vegetables and a bit of meat and bone broth.. anything else you would recommend? can i reverse these symptoms? thanks

  3. Maria Beyla Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    But how can you eat grains with candida? 🙁

  4. stuxnett Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    could you please do a video about situations when the patient have problems with fibers? I can't tolerate fibers, I have bigger or smaller problems with almost every vegetable, fruits are a big no because my liver area is weird when I eat them. so I can't imagine how to be able to digest fibers again… last year this time I got diagnosed with sibo, since then I mostly tolerate potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice without any problems. and meats as well. but I really love vegetables. but my gut's transit time slows down a lot because of them. it's almost constipation but my stool isn't hard or hard to pass, it's just my stomach becomes slow because of fibers. and achy. and gasy.

  5. Peter Lee Thomas Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    I’d say this is the most comprehensive, direct and “balanced” approach to diets I’ve ever heard. I’m an athlete and Martial Artist and have tried a vast majority of diets out there and I’ve come to this very conclusion. I’ve asked myself this question and have been asked numerous times “what culture / civilization lives the longest and thrives”? The people of the Mediterranean, the Japanese and people from Okinawa. Some of my teachers are well into their 80’s and eat this way, they look great, filled with vitality and continue to train in Martial Arts 🥋

    Thank you Doctor Eric, looking forward to scheduling a Skype consultation with you in the near future.


    Peter Lee Thomas

  6. Wyatt Wanders Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    I'm doing a water fast for a few weeks to help reset my system/get rid of my fungal infection. Do you have an opinion on this?

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  12. Karen Dixon Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Unbelievable that people are now thinking they should lower their greens intake. Maybe we don't need as many fruits.. but do not reduce the greens and vegetables! I totally agree..if you look at Mediterranean, Asian, or even Italian they add only bits of meat to their rice, beans and pasta. Big slabs of meat were not and still aren't practical for many countries. It's been too dangerously easy to get large amts of meat in our western culture.

  13. Alexandros HELLAS Posted on October 7, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    I had bad ezcema so I cut foods with sugar. Im trying to my ancestral Greek food diet. In Greece, I ate great Greek veggie dishes with some meat. Greeks eat dandelions each day. Greens is huge part of Greek diet in Greece.

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    Very true Doctor, I eat lots of carbs but I'm still skinny, when I eat lots of fats and protein I started gain weight but I feel my body not well

  20. Tiger Dave Posted on October 7, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    You are wrong. I do the paleo diet…no grains…moderate meat…I eat enough meat to get about 75 gms of protien a day…there is some more protein in the veggies…I'm 6-1 and work out daily…eat lots of vegetables and coconut oil and sweet potatoes so I get about 225 gms of carbs a day, which I consider low carb. I eat no sugar. Grains are bad. Keto is not for me, but Paleo is very good and science backed.

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    As always, thanks for your video!

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    keto, low carb, high protein diets have made my skin age so much and break out… I also had no energy and was horribly agitated… I've no idea how these diets can be good for most people, especially long term…

    what's worse, now a little more carbs and I get bloated or break out in hives, going low carb has imbalanced my microbiota even more… I'm slowly trying to add grains back where I can tolerate them in large quantities again, I definitely have good mood, feel calmer and have more energy eating a balanced diet or even complex carbohydrate based contrary to the high meat or fat on which I felt so sick, loaded with histamine and developing deficiencies of potassium, magnesium, copper and molybdenum…

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    Okay but what about while treating candida? Grains turn into sugar and feed candida in my experience. Starchy vegetables and fruit cause my candida to flare as well.