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WHAT THE HEALTH Dr. Nick Delgado Responds to ZDoggMD’s Keto, Paleo Vegan

I’m responding to a response to a documentary
called “WHAT THE HEALTH”, ZDogg MD, if you take a look at his website. I’ve taken a little bit of time to review
through a few of his videos not just the one where he commented and made some rather strange
expressions when he didn�t agree what the particular doctor explaining the origin and
cause of diabetes, which by the way in a documentary, they only have so much time to talk and they
didn�t want to bore the general public with the science, but I happen to know Dr. Neal
Barnard. I know of course Nathan Pritikin who started
the movement of Lifestyle Medicine. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dr. John
McDougall, interview Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who was portrayed also in WHAT THE HEALTH,
and Dr. Michael Klaper, who worked with me in Torrance at the Delgado Protocol, at that
time Delgado Medical. What I’d like comment about is where ZDogg
is misleading people. He leads us to believe that somehow genetics
is a huge factor in the causation and the potential solution to diabetes. Now, let me get this straight. If you have genetics and you’re predisposed
to a particular health problem like diabetes or heart disease or cancer, doesn�t it make
more sense to follow a more careful, healthy lifestyle plan, diet and exercise? And also, ZDogg, why are you telling people
that we don�t know which diet is right, that we somehow have to design a diet for
every single person? Now, I looked at your other video at your
site and you admitted that you felt the Mediterranean diet was essentially the best kind of a diet
overall for people because it works for you. What you don�t point out — and although
you alluded to the Asian diet, that you dabbled with it, maybe even your genetics plays a
role in the Asian diet and you kind of poopooed that the Asian people eat a lot of rice and
vegetables, just like Atkins used to make fun of rice. And yet in a debate I had with Atkins near
the end of his life before he had a heart attack and a stroke, it was clear that when
they autopsied Atkins’ heart, it was clogged with cholesterol and fat where he advocated
the very diet that you’re saying is okay to eat pretty much meat and dairy and cheese
and so forth. Well, you admitted that a vegan diet didn�t
work for you because you said you just didn�t feel well and your co-host on another video
said that he was listless. You didn�t realize that there are far less
calories. You said yeah, you’re hungry all the time. Of course because when you eat very fatty,
greasy foods two or three meals a day, there’s so much oil and grease and fat and protein
concentration that that certainly does stay in your system for hours on end, which is
not a good thing. The human physiology of course did not evolve
on processed meats, processed cheese, concentrated sugars. I’ll agree with you, sugars aren’t good for
you, but they’re nowhere near as bad as the concentration of fats and proteins in the
diet. We know that intercellular fat affects the
muscles and it affects the insulin. And what you’re missing is when you read books
by Julian Whitaker, Reversing Diabetes, and you take a look at the charts and graphs — and
by the way, Julian Whitaker studied with Nathan Pritikin. I happen to know because his actual chapters
essentially mimic or mirror the actual reports that Nathan Pritikin have in my files that
I have copies of, but when you look at a high fat diet and its insulin and glucose response
compared to a high fiber, high carbohydrate diet, you can see how healthy the insulin
responses and glucose responses compared to the abnormal spike in any high fat diet in
any individual. Now, you’re saying that the Mediterranean
diet somehow is better for you. Well, the Mediterranean diet has, true, more
olive oil, more fats, some meats, but the Asian diet has shown to be much more conducive
to longevity, less heart disease, less cancer, less diabetes than the Mediterranean diet. You might enjoy the consumption of meat. You even said in one of your videos, “Oh,
I really like the taste of meat.” Well, most of us grew up like I did in the
Western world and of course, we like what our moms and dads fed us, and the fast food
chains allure us too, and the marketing budgets that cause us to eat far more animal product
than we ever should’ve. But all that being said, when Dr. James Anderson,
if you read his book, which was published in the 1980s — and he had a practical as
an endocrinologist. He worked with diabetics for over 20 years
and when Nathan Pritikin introduced him to the high fiber, high complex carbohydrate
diet, he changed over. He tested it. He researched it and he was amazed at how
he was able to get his diabetics off insulin and normalized in most cases within two weeks. [0:05:15] I’ll never forget that I learned about this
from one of the studies Dr. Anderson published and I read that on a high fiber, whole foods
diet, not a sugar-carbohydrate diet, but a whole foods, high carbohydrate diet center
around essentially potatoes, starch, beans, fruits, vegetables without added oils because
it’s the oils again that desensitize insulin, but it was shown that Dr. Anderson went back
and he looked at the glycemic index and insulin response and the problems with blood sugar
levels, and he figured out that when they were doing the original studies that people
were already eating the high fat diet then they had them come in from the typical American
high-fat diet and test eating white bread only or banana only or rice only and they
had a high glucose response. Well, do you blame the white bread or the
white rice? No. You have to look for two weeks of a two-week
load of grease and oils and fats that thicken the blood and desensitize the insulin and
then that test, the glucose and glycemic index, is basically altered or changed. So when you’re looking at blood sugar response,
you have to have a cleansing period. I guarantee if you put people on rice, fruits
and vegetables for two weeks and then you test them and measure an individual food like
rice or banana or vegetable or beets or any food you want in the carbohydrate kingdom
so long as it’s unprocessed, you’re going to see a nice leveling of insulin, a perfect
glucose response without the added oil, process of coconut oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. It’s when you remove those processed oils
that the body over a two-week period will start to operate properly and you’ll notice
the insulin response is appropriate and the glucose will be perfect and you’ll prevent
or reverse diabetes in most people the Type 2 Diabetes. Now, you didn�t seem to acknowledge the
fact that there’s evidence and a lot of research showing that dairy products damage the pancreas
and that can cause Type 1 diabetes, which then an individual may have difficulty producing
enough insulin, but in Type 2 diabetes, they produce all the insulin they need. It’s not that they don�t have enough insulin. In fact, in some cases, they produce more
insulin than the average person, but the insulin they produce is not sensitive because of all
the oils and fats. Now, you say it’s the sugars, but sugars are
always — almost always combined with fats. And so, our diet in America has not gone to
a higher carbohydrate diet. It continues to go to a higher fat diet. Just look at the USDA reports, the information
of food consumption. The evidence is quite clear. Now, if you’re talking about human performance,
you go on to say something about Ketogenesis, that it helped you to lose weight, to reduce
and get cut and ripped. Well, okay, on a Keto diet, you also mentioned
that you ate a lot more vegetables than you ever had — ever — that you ate more broccoli,
although it was with some butter. You ate more kale I think you said and that
was in this other video. Let’s see. “Y’all Vegans Got Beef?” Yeah, I think it was in that video. And in this video, you basically then told
us that although you don�t like to recommend diets, you were saying that for some people,
a Keto diet is right, but what you’re really saying is people need to eat more fruits,
more vegetables, more beans, more peas, cut out the sugar, cut out the oils and fats,
which you seem to be confused about. Somehow you think processed oils and fats
are good for you. I would agree that you can eat some more nuts
and seeds, walnuts, a little bit of avocado, whole olives. We know that the fiber slows the absorption
of that fat, and that goes back to what Dr. James Anderson published, what Dr. Denis Burkitt
had explained in his early work. Let me see here. And it was reported in Nutrition Facts — all
my books are marked and written through — by Nan Bronfin. She referenced Dr. Denis Burkitt who testified
before the US Senate hearings in 1977 that largely the Nigerian-African diet, they were
free of diabetes, very low rate of heart disease, almost nonexistent in most chronic diseases,
and these individuals eat a massive amount of fiber, so that’s one of the first rules. Get rid of the processed foods, and oils are
processed. Oils are not good for us and they are far
more toxic for us than sugar itself. If you combine sugar and oil together, sure,
you have a very, very problematic situation, but if you go to the unprocessed foods, I
think ZDogg will admit this is true, whole, unprocessed foods are the way to go, but you
have to get sufficient quantity to feel good throughout the day. [0:10:11] So basically, carry a little food with you. As our primitive relatives used to forage
for food all day long, we don�t have that luxury or time to do so, so carry a lunch
pail with you, if you will, and snack on those whole fruits and vegetables and beans and
peas throughout the day and you’ll start feeling better than you’ve ever felt. Add exercise. Take in proper amount of calories based on
looking in the mirror, checking your BMR, your percent body fat and your exercise activity
levels, but I can tell you that a person in ketosis will never perform athletically as
well as a person on a high fiber, unprocessed food diet. And just by eating more oils and fats, ZDogg,
that doesn�t mean you’re going to be forced into ketosis. Burning more fats effectively is a training
effect. That was well described by Covert Bailey in
his early books, Fit or Fat. It’s been well described in many scientific
studies done at major universities, so if you’re going to become a fat-burning machine,
it’s okay to eat more starch, carbohydrate, complex carbohydrate, fibrous foods, more
fruits, more vegetables. The biggest deficiency in the American diet
is lack of fruit. We’re close to a fruitarian just like the
video that you were badmouthing, the WHAT THE HEALTH. Really the digestive tract is designed to
handle large amounts of fruits and vegetables and beans and peas. You look at the Okinawans who are far healthier
than the Mediterraneans eating a lot of oranges, a lot of sweet potatoes. They eat fish probably only twice a month
according to peer review journal research now as they’ve interpreted Japanese journals. So when you talk about the blue zones and
the evidence about certain cultures around the world, almost to a culture, they’re eating
more unprocessed foods. Sure, they’re doing a little bit more activity
and exercise, but you can take an Asian culture — and this study has been done where they
took for example the healthiest people in the rural areas of say China or Japan, and
in the case of Japan where they’re eating again more sweet potatoes and vegetables,
sometimes rice and so forth, less meat because they couldn’t afford it in the rural areas. They were farmers. When they would migrate to Hawaii and start
eating more fat like the average American eats and integrate and mix into more of the
American ways as the Hawaiian culture is a little bit somewhere in between then the rate
of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity all increased. Then you take that same genetic race, the
Japanese migrate to the United States, start adapting even more so to the American ways,
more animal product, more cheese, more meat, not even necessarily more sugar, less sugar
from carbohydrate foods because they’re essentially in the American diet eating less carbohydrate,
whole foods, these individuals have the highest incidence of stroke, heart attack, diabetes,
and high blood pressure. So health is very important to me, ZDogg and
I think you shouldn’t make fun of Garth Davis. His science is good. His information is good. Dr. Neal Barnard, a true scientist, a true
passionate doctor who really believes in a message that everyone should hear. Dr. Barnes did the most conclusive study where
they autopsied over 10,000 people from around the world and they checked their prior history
of their cholesterol, their diet, what was going on, and to a culture without exception. Every culture that ate meat, cheese, eggs,
and dairy products had a very high incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer
and strokes, hypertension as well, and arthritis. High inflammatory foods cause the arthritis. Every culture to a culture that ate high — the
higher the complex carbohydrates, 80% or more, 10% fat, 10% protein, the better their health. If their carbohydrates, whole, complex carbohydrates,
resistant starch carbohydrates were 60%, 50% to 60% to 70%, they were healthier than the
average American who barely gets 10% resistant starch carbohydrates. And I want everyone to watch WHAT THE HEALTH
because there’s so much truth in there and sure, there’s a little fanaticism, a little
excitement about being vegan and that little pride of “I’m a vegan.” Well, I’ve been one for, in my case, 40 years. Hey, I’ve eaten meat in my life. I’ve eaten cheese, eggs, dairy products, and
I paid the price. Fortunately, I’m alive today to tell you this
message. Love, live, eat healthy, be strong, be well.

Randall Smitham



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