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What to buy at Your Local Farmers Market | Healthy Family Meal Plans

– Hi, I’m Elaine De Santos,
founder and creator of Family for Health and
Healthy Family Meal Plans. And I’m here today with my daughter. – I’m Ella. – And we’re here to share with you what we found at our local
farmer’s market in November, So, these are foods that
you’re gonna find at your farmer’s market in November,
which is the season of … – Fall. – Fall! So in the fall season,
this is what you’ll find. We are in Orange County, California, so what you might find
may be a little different, but a lot of it’s going to be the same. So the reason why we shop locally and at farmer’s market is because it is the most nutritious,
vitamin-rich food. Because it’s the … it didn’t have to travel far. It has the most vitamins and nutrients. It didn’t have to be
picked when it was green. So, the other great thing
is that there’s so much of it that it’s on sale,
and there’s lots of it when you go to the farmer’s market, right? So in November, here’s what you find. You find things like … – Sweet potatoes, garlic. – Ooh. This one? – Brussel sprouts. (laughs) – Not everybody like those, but you will if you stay tuned with Healthy
Family Meal Plan recipes. – Broccoli. Lemon. Pear. – Pears. Yup. – Kale? – Mm-hmm. That’s kale. Ooh, this is, okay, these
are in season just right now. – Persimmons. – Persimmons. You like those, huh?
– [Ella] Yeah. – Okay, these are tricky. – Those are … I forgot. – Daikon radish. – [Ella] Daikon radish
– I’ve never cooked with them. That’s what’s so fun is that
in Healthy Family Meal Plans, each week, you get
delivered to your dashboard, in your inbox, recipes that
are seasonal and paleo. And so you’ll see things
like daikon radish that maybe you’ve never
cooked with before, but you will now, and
you’ll be able to get the vitamins and nutrients
from those vegetables that maybe you wouldn’t have had before, and your body really needs them. So … – [Together] Parsnip. – I didn’t know what that was either. – Turnip. – She knew that. That’s awesome. Okay, so. Oh, then they had little … cucumbers. These are like Persian cucumbers. Remember that. So, decided to cook with that. They had great herbs there, so … Thyme. Rosemary. Oregano. And Dill. And then, eggs, which we know
they’re always in season. – Yeah.
– [Elaine] Right? Luckily. But why we prefer to buy these eggs. Why do we prefer to buy those eggs? – Because the chickens aren’t locked up, and they’re free, and they’re
eating healthy things. – Yeah, like what does a
chicken eat when they’re roaming around in the grass? – Bugs. – Yeah. Bugs and grass and what nature and God intended them to eat, right? The foods that you find
at a farmer’s market are not going to be filled
with antibiotics or hormones, things that you see at
conventional grocery stores. So, it’s really important because if the animal has been injected
with growth hormones or antibiotics, then you
too, your little ones, and you are eating those. So it’s really important to
try to stay away from those, so that you could have the
healthiest foods possible. There’s also fun things that
you find at the farmer’s market like … – Like this bread. (laughs) – And what’s so special about this bread? – It’s gluten-free. – Gluten-free bread. So you find things like
that at the farmer’s market. That’s fun, and, did I show everything? – Yeah, I think so.
– [Elaine] I think so. So, those are the kinds
of things you’ll find at the farmer’s market in the fall season. And so, the great thing about
Healthy Family Meal Plans is that you get a shopping list based on the meal plans you chose. Either one, you picked the
meals that are done for you because they’re been
delivered to your dashboard. They’re there, you can drag and
drop them into your calendar and figure out when you want to have these delicious seasonal meals
or you can search the database that has hundreds
of recipes in there for you, and you just drag and drop
those into your calendar. You can change the serving size so that you don’t have to divide,
multiply, figure out what, how you need to change the recipe. It’s all done for you
at the click of a button so that if you want to invite guests over, if you want to batch cook or it’s just the two of you
tonight, you can do that. It’ll also auto-generate
your shopping list so that you have it, you can print it, and take it to the farmer’s market. You can have it on your phone or you could even email it to your spouse so that they can do the shopping
for you on the way home. I’m Elaine De Santos from
Healthy Family Meal Plans and Family for Health
wishing you and your family the healthiest life possible. Thanks so much for joining us, and we look forward to you
joining us again another time. – Bye. – Bye!

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