January 17, 2020
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hey guys Suz here welcome back to
another What’s For Dinner on Keto this week we have four brand-new easy keto
meal recipes including some yummy yummy keto pizza if you are new here I hope
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you’re already a member of the crew welcome back let’s get into the video
guys so first up we’re gonna make some keto avocado pie I preheated the oven to
350 and I’m grabbing a spring form pan I’m not sure what size this one is the
recipe said no larger than 12 inches I think that one’s about 10 inches in my
food processor I’m making the crust by mixing together 3/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup sesame seeds and 1/4 a cup coconut flour with a tablespoon
ground psyllium husk a teaspoon of baking soda a pinch of salt to that I’m
also going to add an egg 1/4 a cup of water and three tablespoons
of olive oil and then I’m just going to pulse that together until it forms you
know like a kind of crumbly texture and then forms itself into a ball of dough
once I have that done I just flipped the dough out onto a greased springform
pan I was too lazy to line this with parchment but get a really better effect
if you do that I would normally take this crust and run it up the sides as
well but I was in a hurry to make this dinner this night so I just mashed the
crust all the way down in the bottom once I got done I popped it in the oven
for 15 minutes and this is what it looked like when it came out now the
recipe called for two avocados I’m using one and a half because my whole reason for
making this recipe was to get rid of and use up half of avocado I had in the
fridge so the other one I’m just cutting in half and my pit popped out for me
which is cool and I’m taking the peeling off my avocado and then I’m just
coarsely chopping that up I just love the way the ingredients for this look
now I’m taking a red hot chili pepper and I should have worn gloves for this
guys if you make this at home heed my cautionary tale and put on
gloves I got some of this juice underneath my thumbnail and soap and
water just don’t get that out I tried to suck it out and then my mouth was on
fire too so there you go I went ahead and chopped this up really super fine
and added it to the avocado just in a mixing bowl to that I added 4 ounces of
cream cheese that was kind of softened I just pulled it apart and stuck it in there
the recipe called for fresh cilantro I’m not a big cilantro fan so I just added a
tablespoon of dried cilantro and 1/4 of a
teaspoon of onion powder along with a 1/4 of a teaspoon salt a cup of
mayonnaise this is two different kinds mixed together here comment down below
what your favorite keto mayonnaise is also added 3 eggs to this and then I
used a fork to go ahead and start mixing it up just so I could really get those
chunks of cream cheese really worked in and get all the ingredients mixed
together really well and here’s what it looks like all mixed up then I just
added about a cup and a half of sharp sharp shredded cheddar the sharper
the better and moved on with a big kitchen spoon and just folded that in
and then I added it all to my crust just kind of smoothed it out and I always
like to give it a little good shake and slap on the oven and make sure all the
air bubbles are out and it’s nice and even and then I popped it back in the oven on
350 still for 35 minutes this is what it looked like when it came out it looks
so festive I just love the colors of this it reminds me a little bit of like
a southern tomato pie but obviously without tomatoes I just used a butter knife to loosen the
edges and then unlatch the springform pan to take it off and just slice it up
with a serving knife you can see it cuts really well it was a little difficult to
get that first piece out perfectly but we did accomplish it and here it is all plated up guys this
was super yummy we ate it just like this and it made an excellent kind of brunch
for the rest of the week after we had it for dinner moving on to my favorite recipe of the
week keto pizza so to start with we’re just taking a cup and a half of
mozzarella cheese and I’m doing this on super low heat on the stove top with
five tablespoons butter you want the butter and cheese to melt together once
it does start melting together again on very low heat you’re gonna add your dry
ingredients 1/2 a cup almond flour 1/4 a cup coconut flour 2 teaspoons baking
powder half a teaspoon garlic powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt I’m using this
silicone spoon to just kind of knead it all together and then I’m adding one egg
and then I’ll get my spoon in there again and just work this all together I
made sure to take it off the heat before I added the eggs because you don’t want it to
end up like a scrambled or fried egg when you’re trying to make it into a
keto dough then I just flipped it out on a silicone mat I did sprinkle this mat
with a little bit of almond flour and I’m just kind of gonna continue to work
the dough and then kind of put it into a disk shape and squish it down before
covering it with parchment paper and getting out the rolling pin to just kind
of roll it into a circular shape I like my pizza crust kind of thin so
that’s what I tried to do is get the middle a little bit more thin
and I just took the parchment paper off and you see we got some really ragged
edges here and I’m just gonna fold all of those up until they resemble pizza
crust and I did not worry about making this perfect or even I am not gonna eat
the extra crust because I don’t want all that excess carbs and my husband loves
the extra crust so some pieces were thicker for him and some were thinner
for me I just slid the whole mat onto a cookie sheet and then I popped that in
the oven at 350 for 15 minutes to brown while that was going I started making
some homemade pizza sauce so to a blender added 28 ounces that was just
like 2 cans of diced tomatoes 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons
apple cider vinegar and then to that I’m going to add a dry seasoning mix of 2
teaspoons basil 2 teaspoons of oregano a teaspoon garlic powder a teaspoon onion
powder a teaspoon parsley a teaspoon salt and a half a teaspoon of red pepper
flakes 1/4 teaspoon pepper and then I’m just blending that on up now
for this recipe I only used 1/2 a cup of this sauce I cannot remember how many
portion sizes it made all together but what I did is then went ahead and get
some freezer bags and I froze this sauce in a half a cup portions and just
labelled it that those were for a half a cup equals one pizza and then I think I
did one bag with like a cup of sauce in case I wanted to make something for the
kiddos with it so I have my crust out of the oven like I said I added the
half a cup of sauce and then I just added your plain basic ingredients just
some mozzarella cheese and loads of it and pepperoni and then I just popped
this back in the oven still at 350 for 15 minutes now next time I think I
probably will do the last part of this at like 425 to get it a little bit crispier
but this was super super good and it’s my first time making that sauce and I am
stoked about it it was super yummy next up I’m making some French garlic
chicken and we’re gonna use the instant pot for this so to start with I’m
making some marinade with two tablespoons of olive oil in there
tablespoon of Dijon mustard a seasoning mix of two teaspoons herbs de Provence a
teaspoon of pepper 1/2 a teaspoon salt adding a tablespoon minced garlic to all
of that and then I’m just taking some boneless chicken thighs I have six here
and I’m just coating them really well in that and then letting them marinate for
a half an hour then I’m taking my instant pot on saute and adding eight
cloves of chopped garlic it’s about four teaspoons if you have the pre-minced
garlic with two tablespoons butter and then I’m gonna put all of my chicken
thighs in there and let them go ahead and brown the recipe
said only brown them on one side but of course I’m gonna go ahead and brown
them on both sides and then I’m just taking 1/4 a cup of water and mixing
it with that leftover marinade and I’m just gonna pour all of that over the
chicken for my extra fluid and on high pressure I am cooking that for just 5
minutes on high pressure since I already browned the chicken then when it got done
I just scooped the chicken out and added 1/4 a cup of heavy whipping cream
to the juice and whisked it up until it thickened a little I should have done
this longer if I had an immersion blender that would have been perfect if
you have one I didn’t and I’m lazy so I didn’t let it thicken you can see how
watery it is here but it was super delicious I’m not a fan of dark meat as
much but my husband was like this chicken is off-the-chain
and served it with just steamed veggies next up another fat kid meal really
took just five hot dogs out of that pack chopped them sauteed them took about a
half of an onion and minced that up and browned it and then added a pound of
hamburger meat now the recipe that inspired this I will link down below as
always I cut it in half and I didn’t follow her cooking instructions at all
because they just didn’t seem efficient to me so they just seemed really
complicated so this is the way I did it on the side while that all was
browning I took some Worcestershire sauce a tablespoon I added that to a
half a cup of tomato sauce and a tablespoon of tomato paste I also added
a teaspoon chili powder and at eighth of a teaspoon pepper 1/4
of a teaspoon cumin of course I added salt and pepper to my
meat and I whisked that all together put my hot dogs back into the browned meat
and then poured my sauce over that mixed it all together preheated my oven to
400 and then just I just used a little circular casserole dish for this topped
it with extra sharp cheddar cheese I did not measure that and I cooked it for
25 minutes and served it with some steamed green beans so super super easy
super super yummy and the kids love love loved it all right guys there you go
that’s this week’s what’s for dinner on keto hope you guys enjoyed it again if
you’re new here please subscribe and join the crew and we’ll see you next
week for another what’s for dinner on keto video bye guys music music

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    Everything looks so good! Thanks so much for taking the time to record all of this for us!

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