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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my
channel and today I’m going to share with you “what’s in my fridge?” so this is
a video that I actually made about a year maybe year and a half ago and a lot of
you really loved it so I thought it was time to do an updated what’s in my
fridge so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put our brand new fitness
wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure that you
subscribe to my channel and for every one click on that little bell icon
because that’s gonna let you know every single time I have a new video that
goes live so when I do the what’s in my fridge I keep it real just like
everything that I do so you know I’m not gonna show you like a perfectly
organized you know instagram-worthy refrigerator I’m gonna show you the real
deal real world of what’s in my refrigerator why it’s in my refrigerator
why I put things in my refrigerator you know in certain shelves because it
really does make a difference and we’ll dive into the freezer too so let’s get started.
so since we moved we have a new fridge and it is freaking huge like I’m used to
New York I’m not used to like living anywhere else like the thing is
seriously when the refrigerator and the freezer are open it’s like the size of
my first apartment in Manhattan no joke so there’s that so it’s going to look
like I have no food but it’s because we’re two people and this is a fridge
that could literally fill an army so let’s get started
we’re probably gonna hear beeping – because it’s very high-tech and it
starts beeping you yelling at you you know that you should close the door so
we’re just gonna ignore it firstly so we have our milk here at the top so I don’t
really do a lot of dairy so I have been into the Khalifah farms unsweetened
almond milk this one a lot unsweetened it’s really
important that it’s unsweetened I know is this a flavor no it’s not a flavored
one so I haven’t done any of the flavored ones but no carrageenan which
is known to cause inflammation so we don’t want that that’s already started
the husband does do milk but I force him to do organic so this is just a local
organic milk something that we got here on the top then I have one of my
favorite supplements which I do recommend refrigerate which is spirulina
spirulina is loaded with protein loaded with phytochemicals a great addition to
smoothies smoothie Bowl and just an extra way to get some of those really
delicious you know phytonutrients into your body
so that’s what I have there at the top now this is because I’m short this is
the air and it’s really important I love what I love here so I always put my
fruit and vegetable don’t put them in the drawer so when you put your food and
vegetables in the drawer what happens is they they rot you forget about them you
know what we see is what we’re going to eat so I always put it I level my fruit
and my vegetables things that I want to consume things that are fresh things
that can go back so that’s really important so oh and it does this thing
to watch it stop because it has such a powerful seal so I have lemons and limes
I always start my day with lemon or lime water juice with a fresh lemon or lime
it’s just a great way to hydrate add some jazz to your water and it’s really
alkalizing which is very important because I have like three olives in here
I told you this is going to be real so this
these were yummy mix all of the way three left but they are green apple
always buy organic because you’re eating the skin so I have that here
berries are full of fiber so we have some organic raspberries here I actually
didn’t eat these like in a minute so yum yum yum you know just a good thing and
then I have a bag of organic pears here I love pears they just want my favorite
fruit it’s fall eat your pears this is kind of cool so this is some tuna so oil
cat tuna great way to get some protein you know lean protein and this is
actually from a little town in Italy that I go to so I’ll leave that videos I
did do that vlog about the Italy vlog and this tuna it’s just you know fresh
it’s delicious and we took two jars of this back we
tasted it at the hotel that we were staying at and it was so so good
so I love putting this in a salad as the protein and even using some of
the oil so don’t be afraid of fat healthy fat is good so okay so that’s my
top shelf here how I forgot I have hummus so that’s just at the top here as well and
then the husband has yogurt he always likes his yogurt who never likes from the
door he likes it back there so we put that there organic eggs because eggs
right always get the organic cage-free these are cutest things ever so
these are I gotta actually show you these. Your going to love these. You’re going to fall in love with these too. Could these be any freaking cuter
I don’t think so so these are just some red peppers and actually not red just
mixed peppers so red yellow and orange peppers and they’re small so I love that
because you know you can just chop up one you can eat them as a snack they’re
not spicy they’re sweet and I use them, I made a ratatouille the other night and I love these So I found these at my market and I’m really happy that I found them. They are organic and they’re yummy and they just look really cute. Avocado station. Yes girl, so everyone thinks they’re so hard to know when they’re
ripe. No they’re not, you get them when they’re hard. it usually takes like you know anywhere between one to three days when you start
feeling like it has to give don’t leave them out they will go brown put them in
your fridge and when you cut them don’t throw away the pit so you see how
there’s a pit in here I wrap it in plastic and you know as tight as I can
and I keep the pit in that would prevent it from going brown so huge pro tip for
you what else we just have just random vegetables here so I’ve got some yellow
squash again if it was in the drawer I’d forget about it so yellow squash there’s
some romaine lettuce also organic I have fennel which is one of my favorite
favorite vegetables it’s so delicious roasted um so you just cut it up olive
oil salt and pepper chop it up put in your oven of like 400 leave it for like
maybe 30 to 40 minutes until it gets like caramelized and brown it’s sweet
naturally really delicious celery and carrots eat
it with your hummus so that’s why we have that we were having guests over
eggplant. So this is the half an eggplant. I told you I made ratatouille, this wasn’t going to be the instagram story. so the other half of the
eggplant but I do know that I’m gonna have to use it in the next couple of
days so that’s why I keep it there and then if you want to fool people into
thinking you are an amazing amazing chef or cook or whatever you want to call
yourself I have the key here fresh herbs okay you put fresh herbs in a salad in
your dishes on top of your dishes and it just brings that level of freshness and
everyone seems like OMG it’s amazing you know I always say that my friend Jackie
hey Jax she would be like you such a good cook it’s like because
I use herbs I just put herbs in so I have a tarragon
which I love in salads and in chicken I made a chicken salad last night for
dinner that was so good using some leftover roasted chicken and just tons
of tarragon it’s delicious mint you can throw it in your water you
can put it on green beans I know it sounds where it’s really good also in
salads just legs that unexpected flavor chives more mild and onion so I have
chives dill great with tuna great in salads great with vegetables and basil
because I’m Italian and like you gotta have some basil but I love getting the
packages like this that are smaller like I get a huge bunch of basil again you’re
gonna waste it it’s gonna go bad it’s gonna get brown and you know they say
you can freeze it I’ve never done that so this is just an easier thing for me and then we have a giant container of
organic spinach I always have organic greens as many as possible in my house
first or salads or smoothies we’re cooking all of it and again when it’s at
eye level ya gonna eat it so this is good thing you know often people will
say like how do you prevent your greens from going that well number one of them
if you find that they’re getting moisture in the container just put a
paper towel in that and that will help look you just literally take the Greens
wrap them up with a paper towel and then put them back in here and that will save
them from going bad I mean the other thing that you can do is put this in the
freezer I’ve done it you know maybe not in this container but like if I get a bag
of spinach I’ll just throw it in the freezer if I’m traveling or something in
that way you can use it for a smoothie or you can use it you know and saute it
up so you can just know that there’s no excuse for your ingredients going bad
down here we have cheese I don’t really eat a lot of dairy and I’ve also been
getting over whatever cold but we had guests over so you know my husband
bought some cheese so it’s it gets down here it’s not something that you know
I’m gonna use a lot now we’ve got nothing down here because literally you
guys look at the size of this fridge like I could live in here no one would
find me for like a week so you know don’t think like I mean I get nothing
your fridge this thing is like double the size of anything I’ve ever had.
condiments up here on on the door in no rhyme or reason so I’ve got mustard and I
have some pesto and some Jam a kimchi which is a great source of probiotics
and also really delicious I haven’t opened this one yet it’s spicy it’s
really good I love spicy food speaking of spicy food jalapeno these are nothing
special these probably have color in them
oh they don’t good I did read this properly sometimes you know pickles and
jalapenos will add a little a preservative or anything like that but I
read this label and it’s nothing it’s just how any organic vinegar, water and sea salt, that’s what you want. standing
here spicy spicy habanero sauce cuz you know this dominga likes and we have
peanut butter so I always keep my organic peanut butter in the fridge you
know you don’t want to get Jiff or Skippy or any of that crap and even if
you have kids don’t get that put it in the fridge put the the natural stuff in
the fridge that way you get that oil separation which is kind of gross and
especially you know for your kids they like I remember when I was a kid used to
make fun of our friends I’ve had the oil dude you boil in your peanut butter
maybe we were just mean I don’t know but if you put it in the refrigerator it
won’t do that won’t separate so that’s a good thing and then I have some bee
pollen I love this it’s great for immunity it’s great for mental alertness
um it’s a complete protein so it’s just another way for you get some great protein
so that’s my own pickles just because pickles that’s it that’s what I’ve got
in my fridge this giant enormous fridge but you know that’s that’s what we have
in there we’ll go into the freezer there’s not
much in here either. nut flour so you know for baking so
I have coconut flour and almond flour you know I try to you know if I can
avoid gluten but I do try coffee I keep my coffee in the freezer. this is some soup I made. so again things that I use is a package
of chicken some artichoke hearts okay I love artichokes they’re really great
full of fiber and what you can do is roast these again and make your life
easy throw them on a pan and olive oil salt and pepper even when they’re frozen
and they are so so if you love them I have some green beans that we’re going
to go back if I didn’t cook them we were traveling so I just threw them in the
freezer so I will just use these sautee them up it’ll be great we have some
chicken we have some turkey and then down here nuts nuts
some almonds, organic almonds. I always try to get organic it sometimes you can’t so this is the statue of Colonel I think I
was traveling giant bag of frozen blueberries full of antioxidants and fiber so love my blueberries. I put them in everything. I’ve always loved blueberries. Ask my mom, she will tell you it’s true. and then lastly, bread. We have some ezekio cinnamon raisin bread. yum, it’s so good. OMG with some salted butter this is the bomb. I love this bread. So that is what I have in my fridge you know the biggest reason
the biggest thing that I can tell you is you know really really put the things
that you’re going to eat at eye-level it seems like such a simple thing but I
promise you it makes the hugest hugest difference you know if it’s out of sight
it’s out of mind so maybe you have some treats like some ice cream or some like
cookie dough or something in your fridge or your freezer just put it down a
little bit so you actually have to put a little bit of effort into getting that
treat seems simple but it really does make a huge difference so that’s what’s
in my fridge girl I’d love to hear from you leave me a comment I hope that this
is helpful for you that these tiny little tweaks are gonna make a huge
difference for you that’s my mission is just to help you live a healthier life
and an easy and a real world way so leave me a comment down below let me
know if you like this video please do give it a thumbs up and I will see you
next time. Bye

Randall Smitham



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