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What’s in Your CBD? An Expert Reveals the Truth…

Hey everybody I’m here at the University
of Florida’s Innovation Hub. I am here
with the CEO of Botanica testing
corporation and the reason I’m here in
the laboratory with these amazing
researchers and scientists, we’re gonna
talk all about that in just a minute, is
because many of you have been asking
really important questions. We’re gonna
talk about CBD today. We’re gonna talk
about CBD testing, how it’s done, why it’s
important, and if you’re going to buy a
CBD product, what you need to look for. So
Adam thank you so much for having us. I’m
really excited to just learn a little
bit about why you built this company, why
it’s one of the best in the whole
country and what you do differently. So
first and foremost. Why? -Well so we
started off, you know, on the pharma side
as well as natural products and flavor
and fragrances and mostly studying
essential oils and plant botanicals and
extracts and because of our background
some people came to us and basically
asked, you know, you do all these other
plants. You do like 131 other plants. Can you
do hemp? And so we basically said, yeah we
can try that, we can start doing that. So,
you know, that’s how we kind of formed
the company. Kind of worked it out of the
way that we were already doing it in the
lab and basically decided to specialize
this company on all the testing that you
have to do the cannabis space and so
that’s really what we’ve been doing now
since for almost a year. -So you test
cannabis and you test hemp?- Yes.
So this facility is specific to CBD and
hemp and so the only products that come
in this specific location would be your
low THC hemp products. -So the low THC hemp
products. You get thousands and thousands
of companies probably shipping you
product all the time to test. Are you
surprised at how many of them don’t pass?
Well the first thing that we’re kind of
looking for that most people want to
know is, you know, the product that we
manufacture the product that we have
does it actually meet the label claim?
And so in this industry kind of standard
is within ten percent higher or lower of
what you’re putting on the label it
needs to be in that range. Most people
want it to be over because they want to
see more CBD than they do less CBD than the
label and so the problem is that, you
know, with how new the industry is, how
difficult it is to be the manufacturing
and just some of the nuances of it, the
ability actually meet label claim is
very difficult. And so we see probably, I
mean, well over half of the products that
come in that people believe are a certain
concentration, don’t actually meet that
concentration within ten percent. -So
they’re lower?- It could be lower or
higher. So at times we see products
that don’t have any CBD in them all
even though there’s supposed to be
around 500 milligrams or or more and so
we’ve seen stuff that’s three to four
times over we’ve seen stuff that is, you
know, there’s nothing there and the way
that we kind of think about is, you know,
if somebody’s buying this off the shelf and
they’re using it every single day
expecting to get a certain effect
we’re expecting CBD to have some sort
of workaround in the body, the problem
is that if you’re getting something you
think is 500 milligrams and it actually
is 20? Big and drastic difference. -I mean
you’re gonna be wondering you know you
spend all that money and so you’re not
getting the results in you’re wondering
well maybe you know CBD doesn’t work and
I see a lot of those comments, you know,
as people are intrigued and they want
these benefits they want to understand
the endocannabinoid system and really
how to activate it. Not getting that
right amount is a big deal. You know
there’s that Jamis study that shows that
like 74 percent of the products that are
developed don’t meet the label claims, so
– I mean we see a lot of that and so for
us I mean a lot of it is you know is
somebody buying and getting what they
think they are getting. Because if you’re
talking about a drug or you’re talking
about something else like a vitamin
something like that you’re expecting to
get exactly what you think that you’re
And if you’re not getting that then
not only paying extra money for
something that isn’t there but you also
are, I mean, you could have side effects
you could have other things that happen
to you and you don’t know what it’s
from and so like, for instance, here in
Florida and on the medical side as well
as CBD side for three plus years there
have been zero regulations as far as any
kind of contamination testing that needs
to be done and so for the medical side
you know regulations were supposed to
be put down three years ago for
pesticides, heavy metals, basically
everything and at this point we still
don’t have specs on what we’re supposed
to be testing for, how low we’re supposed
to be testing, or even what’s safe
for consumption. -That’s really, really
scary when you think about you know the
inadvertent results that can that can
transpire. For me, personally, just on a
small side note I use Chinese herbs to
heal my autoimmune eczema and it did an
amazing job but when I got tested years
later my heavy metal levels on five
different counts were off the charts and
it was because of the way they were
processed, because of where they were
grown, because of the soil having heavy
metals and you talked about pesticides
and pesticides negatively impact the
endocannabinoid system. So you could be
taking something and actually hurting
yourself. Yeah and I mean we’ve seen
issues in other states, for instance,
Illinois there was some CBD products
that had been off the shelves because
three people died hundreds more ended up in
emergency with internal bleeding from
high arsenic levels and so those are
normal things that should be tested for
and anything that’s being ingested. The
problem is you don’t have the regulation, you don’t have those specs, it’s not tested for
and then the public can suffer. -Yeah I
think what I see with CBD that’s so
different than any other nutrients so
for example you know I’ve been involved
with resveratrol for over a decade,
tumeric, citrus bergamot, all of
these, cacao, all of these amazing plants
but there are many many years of safety
testing. There’s much research on how to
extract and these sort of things. With
CBD and hemp
and marijuana this it opens up a
completely different world right and so
you get a lot of people who don’t have
expertise in a particular industry
jumping in. -Yeah and we see that a lot
from the environmental side, the agro side.
Everything else like that. So for us
we’ve decided that as far as testing
goes we were going to treat it more like
a GLP pharma lab and so our chief
scientific officer he is back around 25
years in pharma GlaxoSmithKline for some
Irish whip and then also on the tobacco
side with Lorillard tobacco. So we
decided we needed to bring the the
pharma expertise as well as the natural
products kind of tobacco side of it and
flavors and fragrance into this and then
just kind of take what we already know
from like the peppermint industry and
other things and be able to do our
testing on CBD in that way because with
this industry being so new most people
are jumping in and saying you know
we have to reinvent everything and we
have to do everything brand new as
opposed to saying yeah there’s a wheel,
there’s a system, there’s procedures,
there’s things we’ve already done in all
these other industries, we just need to
take them and apply them to the CBD
industry. -That’s awesome and and kudos, you know, I get the opportunity to
visit with you quite often and I’m
always impressed by the standards, the
quality of the team that you have here,
you know the the methodologies that you
use. My father’s a chemist. My first
memories are in the lab in laboratories
like this. -So just tell us a little bit
about what you’re testing for I’ve got
this and we can we can talk about this
but tell us what you’re testing for on
this side of this room. -Yeah so in this specific
building, or not building, but this this
room what we have right here is an HPLC
and so that is for the cannabinoids so
CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, basically the top main
11 cannabinoids. So on the other side
we’re testing for, you know, any volatile
compounds of flavors, fragrances, residual
solvents, basically anything
you know that can be heated and then
turns into a vapor and so a lot of that
has to do with the, basically, anything you can
taste, you can smell in your CBD product
would be a turkey test or a volatile
compound test from the GC mass spec and
then the cannabinoid test would be
basically just your 11 cannabinoids. -So
how does someone who is taking CBD or
wants to take CBD how does someone know
what to choose? -Sure, a lot of that comes
down to you know at this point marketing,
a lot of… -What’s the real answer you know
like, if you were online
and you were searching for a CBD product
what would you look for. -I enjoy gummies-
Haha okay but like would you be, you would be
looking for the data, the supporting
research, right? -For me I mean on any
product I first of all like to make sure
that you know the correct testing has
been done so it’s safe to consume. -And
how do you know that? Is it this
certificate of analysis. -Yes so most labs
put out in most companies if they do it
correctly. The first thing you need to
check is if the company that you’re
buying a product from is actually doing
the correct safety testing to begin with.
If you can’t find anything as far as
results or any data whatsoever that
they’re willing to put out to the public
then I wouldn’t buy from them. The second
thing is once you do have that
information, is it passing the specs it’s
supposed to be passing? Is it you know
fulfilling the requirements of the laws
in individual states? Most states don’t
have them yet but a lot of other states
like California have put down certain
regulations. For the individual customer,
you know, the burden of the responsibility
shouldn’t be on them it’s on the company
and so the company needs to be upfront
honest about what they have, what the
data supports, and then yeah what
they have as a final product that they’re
selling to you.
-That’s great. Thank you so much for your
time. This is awesome and I’m looking
forward to talking to you more.

Randall Smitham



  1. Naomi Whittel Posted on August 28, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Hey guys, thanks for watching, and of course a special thanks to my friend Adam Christensen for participating and sharing his knowledge on this fascinating topic. As you may or may not know, I am a huge proponent of CBD and it has worked wonders for me. This video is truly intended to help those who don't know where to start with CBD. There are so many options and of course so much stigma attached, but these videos will dispel all of that, hopefully. It is not a drug and it can work for you in ways you can't imagine. I created my own CBD powder using organic hemp after seeing so many fake or falsely marketed options online, and Adam explains more about what you SHOULD expect in this video and how you can know what works and what doesn't. If you're interested in seeing mine, here's a link https://www.ominutrition.com/product/omi-cbd-whole-hemp-powder-300mg/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=081319
    Be sure to leave questions, comments, your own experiences, and thanks again for tuning in 😉 -Naomi

  2. i. zak Posted on August 28, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    CBD in Australia stands for central business district. 🙂

  3. Little Voice Posted on August 29, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Does eating hemp seeds have any of the benefits associated with the endocannibanoid system found with CBD oil?

  4. Joe Botz Posted on August 30, 2019 at 12:26 am

    Another great video. I was hoping you could do one on a raw cacao drink I know there are a few different methods to prepare it. I recently quit coffee because it was causing me a lot of issues. Thanks for reading