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WHOLE30® Instant Pot Ribs Recipe | Thrive Market

The cool thing about this pork, is it
comes from a regener…it’s not happening. Say it. I’ll mouth it, and you say it. Ready? Okay, the pork comes from a … [off camera] regenerative farm! (laughing). Hey I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in
the Thrive Market Test Kitchen, and I’m gonna show you two Whole30 rib
recipes. Bonus they’re made in a instant pot, in an electric pressure cooker. I can’t wait to show you these recipes but before I get started, make sure to like,
subscribe, comment. I want to hear some Whole30 recipes. I’m in it. I’m in Whole30, I’m doing it. I’m looking for some new recipes. Help me out. If you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market where you can find – actually the sauces that I’m using today, and you can find the pork that i’m using as well. It comes frozen; and they have meat, seafood, everything. Check it out. Alright let’s get started on my first rib recipe. The first one is a wet rib. I’m using Noble Made by The New Primal, they’re classic BBQ sauce. They also make a really
delicious mustard barbecue sauce. I have two slabs of baby back ribs. I took the silver skin off the back, and I cut them up. I want to put one layer down and then
season with salt and pepper, and then another layer season with salt and
pepper. I’m gonna do it a couple of times I’m gonna pour the sauce over. Sometimes you can, if you wanted to, you can sear the ribs. This instant pot actually has sear – the sautee function. You can sear them, but I don’t think it really makes that much of a difference. We’re doing a wet rub so they’re gonna be nice and saucy, and tender. Ribs can take anywhere from an hour, hour and a half –
two hours to cook; this will be done in 35 minutes, and they will be falling off
the bone tender. On Whole30 you are encouraged to eat the highest quality of meat that you can, and sometimes that can get expensive. Nut you get a nice bang
for your buck out of these baby back ribs. (singing) I want my baby back baby back baby back … Last rib going in. I’m gonna use
the whole bottle because I am doing two racks of ribs. Mmm-hmm just pour it over, that’s
how easy this is kids. If you’ve never used an electric pressure
cooker before you need to have a certain liquid in it to make it work. So you need
just about one cup. You can’t just put ribs in there dry, or a chicken – you need
to have some sort of liquid to form the steam so it cooks your food. My sauce is acting as the liquid, and also I added a little more water. Lid on, and it sings to
you. You’ll see it says venting and it says sealing; you want to take the valve from venting, and you want to move it to sealing. It won’t lock into place,
you’ll just put it that that way. Hope that makes sense, and then I’m hitting the “meat stew” button. I feel like I’m introducing someone to my brother named Stu. I’m like “Hey meet Stu,” that’s weird for me. Alright hit “meat stew” and
that’s literally all you do. I want it for 35 minutes on normal high pressure, “meat stew.” It’ll beep that’s how you know it’s ready to go, and then you kind of
just wait. It’ll take a little bit to come to pressure, and then once it comes
to pressure it’ll start counting down on here. Make sure this is not around
anything you don’t want this under your cabinet, because then the steam will hit your cabinet. You don’t want your face over it, really mess that up. So just let it sit
and do its thing. I don’t even know what to – say something happened. In between my rib recipe I was drinking water and it left a mark! Whatever man, we’re in a test kitchen. My ribs are ready. I let them naturally release; which means once it hits 35 and it’s done, it goes to zero. I hit cancel and then I just let the pressure release naturally. It’s like falling off the bone. So what’s nifty is the lid sits in the side thing, which I used many times and which I used many times and did not know that it did that. But I feel like it’s gonna block the shot;
but now you know. I’m just gonna move this over here for now. Alight I’m gonna take these ribs out. What if I do this whole set from the side? So I’m gonna take these ribs out. What if I was lying and I actually just drooled on myself the whole time. Alright you gotta be gentle because the
meat is literally falling off the bones. Okay, the sauce is a little thinner than I
would like because the pork released a lot of juices, and the steam, so I’m gonna
hit “saute” and I’m just gonna reduce the sauce a little bit. Should take about
five minutes. (laughing) In case you don’t know who I am. Now you can’t see my spill spot. Thanks buddy. My sauce has reduced nicely; it’s nice and thick. I turned it off still bubbling away. Let me see. It’s not so hot. If you’re worried about
touching the inner pot, you can use a towel; but I just I’m super dope and I
don’t need to do that. Made them extra saucy for you. These look insane, band they are literally falling off the bone. Alright so this is my first rib recipe it’s with a sauce, it’s saucy. I’m going to show you my
spice rub rib one now. You can tell me which one is your favorite. Alight in case you forgot who I am, it’s right here. Ol’ Megan Mitchell in the kitchen. Spice rub mixture on the ribs. Two tablespoons of paprika. One tablespoon of chili
powder. I’m making my own spice mixture because a lot of rib spice mixtures /
spice mixtures have sugar in them, and sugar it’s not Whole30. So this is Whole30-compliant, and I know exactly what’s going in it, and I know – like if I
want to add more heat, I can add more cayenne. If I want a little more smoky right, add some more chili powder; and I can use these for different things. Tablespoon of
cumin. Tablespoon (laugh) these are all tablespoons. Tablespoon of garlic powder. Tablespoon of onion powder. Teaspoon of cayenne, and a tablespoon of salt. So if it’s just two of you, or just one of you that wants to eat ribs, you can only do one rack and
only use half the spice smixture. (laughs)only use half of the spice mixture. You can also make a big batch of this and keep it in a jar and use it whenever you want if
you don’t feel like measuring it all out every single time. Okay that looks great.
Two racks of ribs, and before I had cut them up to put them in the pot; this time
I’m cooking them whole, I’ll show you how I fit them in the pot. You just stick
straight up, the lid doesn’t go on, it’s really weird guys but it works.
No I curled them around, I tuck them in to curl around each other and they sleep
for about 35 minutes. This is where you get your hands dirty. You want to get the spice mixture all over both sides. The top and the bottom. Pat this mixture in, and then I want to flip it. From here I want to pop this in the fridge for at least an hour, so the pork, the ribs absorb all of the spice mixture. It’s even better 24 hours if you
can do it; but if you’re in an emergency, and you really need those ribs, give it
at least an hour. Alright, I’m gonna pop this in the fridge and wash my hands. Alright my ribs have rested for a little while. This is how I like to put them in
my instant pot. Your instant pot should come with a trivet. So pop the trivet in, pour
in a couple of apple cider…. couple? I said that right? That was weird. Pour a cup of
apple cider vinegar in the bottom. Remember you need at least a cup of
liquid in the pot to make it work. Alright let me show you how I put these in – whoo she’s not wanting to bend. Oh she’s she’s messing it up. Alright,
tuck that little Lady in and then tuck this lady in. Okay I’m gonna
wash my hands real quick. Hands are clean, ribs are in; put the lid on. Turn the valve from venting to sealing, and then this is gonna cook the exact same time
as the other one, 35 minutes. So I’m gonna hit “meat stew.” I’m going to wait till it beeps, and then it’ll pressurize and then 35 minutes later we’ll have ribs! My ribs have cooked for 35 minutes. I let them release naturally. Oh it was really sealed. Oh, I’m locked and loaded. I like that you gave me two of these mama. Alight I’m gonna
warn you, when we pull these ribs out they might break apart a little bit.
They’re not gonna stay in one full rack, but that’s okay becuase we’re gonna cut them up anyways. Oh she broke, she broke! You see how tender she is. Oh that
vinegar mm-hmm. You could eat them just like this
straight out of the pot, but I want to add a little crisp to mine so I’m gonna
pop them under the broiler. Those look so good. Okay my trick for cutting these ribs, since they are as you saw are falling off the bone I almost forgot that I’m wearing this
for a second. I was like what’s right at me. Okay I take them and I flip them upside
down, because if I cut them on the curved side – if I cut them up like this, it just
shreds apart and it doesn’t work. So flip them over, and you can also see the bones use that as your guide. Just cut between the bones.
I’m also going to give you a little try – Oh my god. Juicy, perfectly seasoned not too spicy. I mean spicy from the spices but not
spicy from the heat. mmm. I’m gonna finish cutting these up and piling them up. My Whole30 rib recipes, my wet ribs – my sauced ribs, and my dry rub ribs. Which one are you? Which do you prefer? Both are delicious. Both are Whole30.
Both are made in an instant pot in under 35 minutes. I hope you make these recipes,
and I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you do! Like, comment, subscribe. You can find all the ingredients that are used today at thrivemarket.com/prepschool. Happy Whole30’ing! It come from a regenitive…regenerative.
Oh! Regenerative. boo ya, regenerative! Hey, it’s me. I don’t think I need to say Oh are we rolling? (laughing) (singing) Oh what a feeling! Dancing on the ceiling. OH literally falling off the bone, 35

Randall Smitham



  1. Audrey Deppe Posted on September 6, 2019 at 2:59 am

    The wet ribs look so good! I'd cover them in that sauce and throw them under the broiler for for a crust 🙂

  2. TiMalice2009 Posted on September 6, 2019 at 3:23 am

    I made ribs this past weekend with my version of your dry rub recipe. I will try again leaving the rub for 24 hrs. Hmmm, I did not use ACV I used another liquid. Does the ACV tenderize the ribs?