March 31, 2020
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Why A Self-Described Debunker Of Pseudoscience Claims Creator Of ‘Jilly Juice’ Is ‘Preying On Vul…

Jeff Holiday is nobody to me. He’s just somebody that wants to make money and found a place to do it. Jeff Holiday is an out of work YouTuber who knows he can get hits and clicks and that this will be the perfect thing for him to make money off of. So, hope you are paying your taxes and maybe give me a cut of whatever you are making because you are obviously making a lot of money off of me. Well, Jillian says a group of online “trolls” who have never tried her Jilly Juice are accusing her of trying to scam people and kill mothers and babies. Now, Jeff Holiday, a debunker of pseudoscience on YouTube, says Jillian is a liar and preys on desperate people. Take a look. (Jeff) I am here on the Dr. Phil show because I want to confront Jillian Epperly about the dangerous practices that she’s spreading on the internet. She’s not a doctor. She’s not a scientist. She doesn’t have the education to understand what she is saying. She is preying on vulnerable people, people looking for answers, looking for a way to heal themselves. It’s very simple. Jilly Juice is a fraud. If you follow Jillian’s protocol and you drink about a gallon of this crap a day, you are going to end up drinking four times the recommended healthy amount of salt. Not only does this not do what she thinks it is supposed to do, but it is actually harmful because it is convincing people to give themselves sodium poisoning. That can lead to confusion, dizziness, seizures, coma, strokes, even death. (EKG beeping and flatlining) Jillian believes that her juice has special properties because it fights candida. She believes that candida is the source of all disease, disfunction, chronic illness, cancer. The overall goal with Jillian’s protocol is very simple. You have to fight the candida by drinking the Jilly Juice and increasing good bacteria. How do you do this? Well, that’s simple. You just have to have waterfalls, which is their clever name for violent diarrhea. There is no evidence to back this up. How having copious amounts of diarrhea is somehow going to cure your AIDS or your cancer makes no sense. She’s even been on record lovingly calling this a poop cult. Jillian also believes that her juice can help you regrow your limbs, regrow your organs, and if you really want to top it off, she also believes it can cure the gay. Jillian needs to be stopped. This can get worse. People could really get hurt. People could die. Jeff, thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. (Dr. Phil) You’ve been tracking this and seeing what she says on the internet is you think these claims are outrageous and dangerous. I think they are insane. Absolutely insane. I think you are actually a dangerous human being. Okay, that’s your opinion. He raises a very good point. You have all of these claims but you have no data. You have no basis for this. You have some people… Myself. (chuckles) You have not regrown any limbs. I am not missing any limbs. (Dr. Phil) You are not 312 years old. (Jillian) Of course not. I’m not missing any limbs so I wouldn’t regrow. So, what basis do you have for making these claims? I agree with what he is saying about this being dangerous. There are desperate people in the world who just might suspend medical protocols blindly hoping in desperation that somebody that tells them what they want to hear is going to save their life or that of a loved one and forego responsible protocols and drink your cabbage juice and wind up in serious danger. (Jeff) It is not just might. There have been. There are lots of people, there are quite a few people, people who have forgone their actual medical treatment. (Dr. Phil) Do you worry about that at all? (Jillian) I am actually teaching people about how learn about their bodies themselves to make their own decisions. (Jeff) Do you feel responsible for the people who follow your protocol and they get hurt? Do you feel responsible? No, I don’t feel responsible, you know why? Because they have the opportunity to read my information and understand it. I have it all free. There is nothing hidden in my agenda here. (Jeff) You are preying on vulnerable people. These are desperate people, some of them are dying. No, no, no, this is reality. (Jillian) No, its not reality. Where is it substantiated that they are dying? Please substantiate that. Not a hospice patient. (Jeff) Some of them have died. Not a hospice patient who has already been dead, who is already basically dead by the system.

Randall Smitham