April 5, 2020
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Why Choose the Ideal Protein Protocol

There’s a couple reasons
why we like Ideal Protein.
We like the fact that it’s not just hypo-caloric,
but it protects protein so it protects muscle.
That’s one of the big things,
obviously, with weight loss.
We really like the fact that it’s
only a partial meal replacement.
In other words, people eat
a lot of their own food,
so they’re learning to eat the appropriate
foods to maintain their weight.
They’re learning to eat
low carb vegetables.
They’re learning to eat salads.
They’re learning to avoid sugar.
They’re learning to eat lean protein.
So it’s not just, “Buy our food; eat our food,
and then when you’re done, good luck,”
like a lot of other things
you see out there.
So it teaches them to eat
the appropriate things.
We like the fact that you
see them once a week.
We like the fact that
it’s a ketogenic diet
because the ketosis helps again with
burning fat and helps with hunger control.
We like the fact that Ideal Protein is really
supportive in developing the protocol.
I have a full-time cardiology practice; I mean, I do this
in the margins, in the nights and on the weekends.
I don’t have days, lots of large
blocks of time to do this.
I see a few of these patients myself, but a lot of them
are managed by protocol, by health coaches,
so that fit very nice with our already
very busy cardiology practice.
And to a certain extent, it’s sort
of a turn-key approach.
In other words, they come in, they train people that
we already have on staff oftentimes to do this,
and I can go ahead and monitor it without
having to cut back my cardiology practice.
So for a lot of those reasons,
it was really a good fit for us.
One of the nice things
about the protocol
is they have at least one tool to offer patients
to be successful with their weight loss.
Ten years ago, you’d say, “Well, I think
you need to lose some weight,”
and they’ll go, “Yeah, I’m trying, doc,”
and then, you know, nothing would happen.
You tell them, “Oh, maybe you should eat
a little bit less and exercise a little bit more,”
you know, nothing would happen.
Now with this tool, we can say, “Hey, if you do follow this
protocol, these are the results we know you’ll get.
If you’re a guy, you’re going to
lose four or five pounds a week.
If you’re a woman, you’re going to
lose two to three pounds a week.
As long as you stay on the protocol,
those are the results you’re going to get.”
Obviously not everybody’s
going to follow the protocol
or get in the program for
a lot of different reasons,
but for those that do, it is a very effective
tool, and it’s nice to at least offer
something very concrete and specific versus the vague
encouragement that we used to give years ago.

Randall Smitham