February 22, 2020
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Why Keto is Good for Leaky Gut & Gut Health

– There’s some really
interesting new science. Proving that the ketogenic diet has extremely powerful effects
on our digestive system from an inflammatory standpoint. You see we’ve known
that the ketogenic diet, can be good for digestion simply because it eliminates a lot of bulk and eliminates too much roughage that can cause disturbance for people with irritable bowel syndrome. But now, we’re starting to see that there’s things that
happen at the cellular level. Believe it or not the
ketogenic diet can produce things that actually help
the gut restore itself and regenerate. We’ll dive into
it a little bit more detail. My name is Thomas De Lauer
and I’m with Keto-Mojo. Today we’re breaking down
how the ketogenic diet can help out what’s called a leaky gut. You see the first thing
that we have to look at, is there’s a lot of evidence
surrounding the ketogenic diet and suppression of what is
called the NLRP3 inflammasome. What the NLRP3 inflammasome is, is basically a bunch of
proteins that go around and trigger inflammation where
it needs to be triggered. It’s sort of like the… I guess you could call them the soldiers of the actual immune system. Okay so, they’re the ones that go around and kind of determine where things need to have inflammation
as a result of illness. So, they travel around and if they see oh hey
there’s an injury here we need to signal white blood cells and macrophages to go here then they will. Now we want to have this
suppressed to some degree, because if it’s elevated and it’s not supposed to be elevated, we have high levels of inflammation which are going to make us sick. Now this happens a lot
in the intestinal tract. So in the intestinal
tract you have enterocytes and you have endothelial cells. These cells basically allow things to come into the bloodstream
from the intestinal tract but what happens is if
there’s a lot of inflammation, they end up getting these
sort of cracks in between them and they end up getting so swollen that there’s gaps in between these cells, which make it so that nutrients
that aren’t fully digested get into the bloodstream. This is called a leaky gut and although it’s heavily marketed and that’s talked about a lot, it is a real thing and
it does really occur. What happens when larger food particles get into the bloodstream is, it triggers an inflammatory
response in and of itself because the body doesn’t recognize what these larger chunks of
nutrients and food matter are. Like they just don’t
know what to do with it. So it triggers a full-scale attack. Making a sick inflamed and over
all just feeling lethargic. So that’s the first way
that ketones help this. When you have ketones in your body because you’re in ketosis, you suppress the NLRP3 inflammasome which can help mitigate some of that and lessen the inflammatory potential within the intestinal tract. But now there’s an interesting study that was published in the journal Cell. And we’re talking a really new study. 2019 study out of August
that’s just fascinating stuff. And it found that ketones actually increase the rate of intestinal
stem cell production. You see they did some interesting studies, where they found that if certain mice were devoid of ketones, they had a certain rate
of stem cell development. But then when ketones
were back in the equation, the stem cell development nearly doubled. Okay so what that means is
we are finding that ketones are legitimately required to
create new intestinal cells. So imagine this you’re unhealthy, you’ve been eating just cruddy sugary foods for a long time and your gut is just a wreck. Okay and you start eating healthy but it’s just not making a dent because your body takes so long to go through its natural
restorative processes and rebuild the gut lining etc etc. You have to go through the
the normal amount of time that it takes to create new stem cells and create new intestinal cells and it’s a drag. It kills your motivation because you’re making healthy moves but now it’s taking a
long time to get there. Well, it turns out that if you just go on the ketogenic diet, you can double the rate of
production of those stem cells. Which means you could in essence, potentially heal your gut twice as fast. Simply by being able to be in ketosis. Now the other piece that we have to look at is a
lot of the good quality fats that were consuming on a ketogenic diet, contain the short chain
fatty acids like butyric acid that we need to feed the
cells within our gut. Okay, so the cells within our gut feed off of short chain fatty acids and normally we have to break down food into these short chain fatty acids. But the foods that we consume via ketosis, these ketogenic friendly foods are naturally high in butyric acid. Naturally high in these
short chain fatty acids. So we have just three
angles of Awesome gut health that are happening with
the ketogenic diet. And these are three angles
that we know of, let alone all the other histone
deacetylase inhibition effects and all other genetic effects that occur with the ketogenic diet that we can talk about in other videos. Point is, if you’re trying
to get a healthier gut and remember it all starts in the gut. The ketogenic diet might
just be the way to go. And the way to measure that you have those amazing
ketones in your body, is by measuring and that’s exactly where the
keto mojo meter comes in. Otherwise it’s all guesswork. You’re leaving it all up to chance. You need to test. You need to use your gold
standard of measuring which is the keto mojo meter and make sure your ketones are elevated so you’re getting those
gut healing effects. So, as always keep it locked in here and leave the guesswork
out of the equation. Leave the measuring to the meter and I’ll see you in the
next keto mojo video.

Randall Smitham