April 9, 2020
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Why Keto-Mojo is the Gold Standard for Testing Blood Ketones.

As consumers we have so
many different options
that we can choose from
when it comes down to buying products.
When it comes down to
a ketone blood meter,
there’s only one name that
you truly need to remember.
And that is the Keto-Mojo meter.
I’m Thomas DeLauer with
Keto-Mojo, and I’m going to
give you the breakdown on
why the Keto-Mojo meter
is the best on the market.
First off, it’s highly accurate.
Now the Keto-Mojo meter not
only exceeds FDA standards,
but also meets the more stringent
ISO 15197:2013 international standards.
This is a pretty stringent
guideline, and it makes it
so that you know what
you’re seeing on the meter
is truly what’s happening
within your body.
Now whenever you’re
testing your blood ketones,
it’s important to test
somewhat frequently.
This way, you can truly know where you are
at different times of the day.
And if the ketone strips
are cost-prohibitive,
this can be kind of tough.
So Keto-Mojo got ahead
of the curve with this,
and we realized that if
you have more affordable
ketone strips, you’re more
likely to test frequently.
And therefore, you’re going
to get a better result
out of your ketogenic protocol.
So we made sure that
our ketone test strips
are some of the most affordable
that are available on the market.
Keto-Mojo is also the only meter
that offers a lifetime warranty.
Couple that with our best
in-class customer service
that is available by phone,
by email or by live chat,
and you’ve got a perfect recipe
for the ultimate ketogenic experience.
Our customer care representatives
are also experienced in
the ketogenic lifestyle
and practice the keto diet themselves.
When you’re buying a Keto-Mojo meter,
you’re not just buying a meter.
You’re buying a meter from people
that understand what you’re going through
and understand the keto lifestyle.
This is so imperative, especially when
you’re starting out with something
that might be a little bit scary at first.
So for the most easy to use,
reliable and accurate ketone blood meter,
make sure you check out
the Keto-Mojo meter.

Randall Smitham