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– [Narrator] The following
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implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter, nor A
Rood Awakening! International, nor this broadcaster
assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or
consequences that may result. – You may have seen a shifting trend on grocery store shelves. Where you would normally see whey protein or even plant-based protein,
collagen protein supplements are spreading like wildfire. But it’s for reasons more
than just having healthy skin. What is it good for? And why do so many people
swear by collagen protein to live fuller and healthier lives? Well, today we’ll talk to
America’s foremost expert on collagen proteins and
collagen peptides, Dr. Josh Axe. He’s about to give you a health awakening. (upbeat music) Welcome to The Health Awakening. I’m your host, Scott Laird. Whey protein and even
plant-based protein supplements are making way for a new
superstar, collagen protein or collagen peptides. Historically collagen was
considered mainly for skin issues but many don’t realize
that collagen is also an excellent form of protein. – I am so excited to introduce. – Dr. Josh Axe knows all about it. He is the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and is one of the foremost
naturally minded doctors in America. He has been featured on
numerous health programs including multiple appearances
on the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Axe, welcome to The Health Awakening. – Awesome, hey, thanks for
having me, excited to be here. – For those unfamiliar
with this hot new product, let’s get right down to the basics. What exactly is collagen
protein or collagen peptides? – Collagen is a form of
protein that makes up actually about 30% of all
the protein in our bodies and so most people are familiar
when they think of protein as sort of muscle building protein, which you get from things
like beef and eggs and chicken and fish but collagen is
another form of protein that’s really important for other areas that are non-muscular of our body. For instance, our skin,
our hair, our nails, bones, discs, ligaments, tendons,
connective tissue, fascia, our gut lining,
our arterial walls. All of those areas are made up of collagen so we’re consuming
muscle building proteins. You’re not giving your body
the building blocks it needs for collagen. Actually a lot of people
today develop skin issues, digestive issues, or joint
pain and related issues because they’re not getting
enough collagen in their diet. Again, there’s really two
main types of protein, muscle building and collagen building. And collagen, again, is
what makes up our joints and connective tissue, our gut, and certain areas of our body. – It’s quite possible if someone is taking a muscle building protein,
even a vegan, plant-based one, and as they’re building muscle they may be hurting their joints and doing nothing to help it, is that what we’re saying here? – Yeah, I really think it’s important and I think the research in the future is going to continue to
show that we need a balance. Just like we need a
balance of Omega-3 fats and Omega-6 fats to balance
out inflammation in the body, we need a balance of muscle building and collagen building proteins
in order to be healthy. In fact, our study is showing that consuming too much
muscle building protein or having that imbalance may
actually affect life span versus consuming more
collagen building protein can actually support liver detoxification, can support anti-aging
and looking younger. Here’s the truth. Most people today are getting
about zero grams of collagen in their diet. Our ancient ancestors got
it from drinking things like bone broth. We drink very little bone broth today compared to our ancestors
and because of that, the health of our skin, hair, and nails and our overall beauty and our
digestive systems and joints are suffering because we’re not getting this critical form of protein. – Is that where this started? I mean, I seem to think that before I saw the collagen
supplements on the shelf, we saw bone broth. Is that where this whole thing started? – Well, again, I think
for a lot of people, we, on occasion, we start
to go back and look at what did our ancient
ancestors do to be healthy? As research is catching up we’re finding there are certain things
missing in our diets and one of the biggest things missing, along with probiotics and
along with certain vitamins and nutrients, everything
from Zinc and Vitamin D, we’re also missing collagen. Really, I think medical
research showed this but I think before that
there were a lot of people that are natural health
experts, whether it be myself or other experts in this
space who knew this truth because our medical system
today focuses solely on what is a pharmaceutical
company who’s funded by trillions of dollars,
what do they say health is versus what did ancient
physicians from Hypocrites, what did people consume in
traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, what did
these physicians recommend? And the the number one food
thing that they recommended for healing certain conditions was broth, specifically bone broth. – How does someone who
has maybe adopted a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, I mean, how do you convince them
that, hey, you know what, you’re missing this? – I think for vegans it’s hard. I think for them, the thing
that they have to cope with is that if they’re doing
it for an ethical reason then in many cases they’re
going to be trading their own health for their belief system. And listen, I’ve worked
with thousands of vegans over the years. Listen, I know some vegans
that are super healthy and have lived to be over 100 years old so it can be done. But there, of course, there are some who develop severe deficiencies
so somebody’s a vegan, what I would say is, and I’ve
taken care of a lot of vegans who decided I am going
to still consume collagen and that’s going to be
the one area of their diet they’re going to compromise on by getting a healthy source of collagen whether it be from wild caught
fish or something like that. But I do think vegans
are better off doing it. Now if somebody just
decides, hey, no matter what, I won’t drink any animal product
or do anything whatsoever, then consuming herbs that
were used in Chinese medicine to build what’s called
your chi or your overall, essentially your stem cells can help. Some of those herbs can be
like pho tea, Rhemannia, Schisandra, most herbs nobody’s heard of, those herbs are actually
can support your body and tissue regeneration. – Now, are they as good as collagen or is collagen the champion here? – No, there’s really no
replacement for collagen. Again, when you, it’s like saying is there a replacement for
Vitamin C or probiotics. There is no replacement. There’s other indirect ways
you can support your body but, no, collagen you can only get it really from bone broth and
from the skin of animals. – All right, well, we are talking a very interesting topic
here, collagen protein with Dr. Josh Axe. Stay with us and we’ll be back with more from The Health Awakening. (upbeat music) – You know, most of us should be getting between one and three servings
of collagen every single day. In fact, 1/3 of all of
the protein in your body is collagen protein or should be. – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. Today we’re talking with Dr. Josh Axe about collagen protein, collagen peptides, and who needs it, who
needs more of it perhaps. Dr. Axe, why would
someone want to consider this type of protein that
they see on the shelf now in form of a supplement instead
of or even in addition to their whey or plant-based protein? – Yeah, really here’s the truth. Is what we’re talking about health, nobody needs whey protein. Nobody needs plant proteins because you’re already
getting these in your diet. In fact, when you’re
consuming whey protein, if you consume dairy or eggs
or fish or beef or chicken, you’re already getting
that exact type of protein for the most part in your diet,
a muscle building protein. Now, of course, whey is
absorbed a little faster so if somebody’s a body builder then it might make sense for them but for everyone else
it doesn’t make sense. Plant-based proteins,
if you’re eating rice, if you’re eating beans,
nuts, and seeds, mushrooms, you’re already getting this
type of protein in your diet. I believe supplements
are for supplementing things you’re not getting in your diet and that’s what’s so
amazing about collagen, buying a multi-collagen
protein or a bone broth protein as these forms of protein
that are rich in collagen are things that you’re
typically not getting your diet. People, especially that
are looking to transform their digestive health or
the health of their joints and people looking to support
the health of their beauty, their skin, hair, and nails, they’re all kind of getting
rid of their whey proteins and those proteins and instead
they’re starting to use collagen rich proteins
or bone broth proteins which are also very rich in collagen. – Now, speaking of different ways of, I think maybe some people
could have guessed, well, hair, nails, sure, they might say, but I want to ask you two things. Number one, digestion, what can it do to help the digestive system? – Well, again, it’s really
critically important to know what your body’s made up of. And so your gut lining
is made up of collagen. Imagine what happens, a lot of people get a lot of inflammation in their gut. Over time that can cause conditions, one of them is called leaky gut syndrome, which is really at the root cause of autoimmune disease today. But a lot of people have
digestive inflammation and in order to repair that damaged area, your body needs collagen, those building blocks to repair itself. Really, people with digestive
issues can do really well on both broth and on collagen protein because it’s what makes up
that area of their body. Also, it’s very easy to digest. If somebody has a digestive issue, the ideal diet they should be following is a diet that is gentle
and easy on the body. That way it’s giving your body rest and time to recover for itself. People with digestive issues should not be eating raw vegetables, they shouldn’t be eating
raw nuts and seeds, they should be doing soups and things that are easily digested is the most healing and foods
that are anti-inflammatory and foods that are actually
dry like bitter herbs. Ginger is a perfect herb to consume for people with digestive issues. – Now, number two, the
other question with that was athletes. My daughter’s an athlete, she
actually has some back issues due to her discs. Now just for her purpose,
would collagen peptides help something like that? – Absolutely. In fact, a lot of athletes
now are switching out their other proteins and
buying bone broth proteins or multi-collagen proteins
because they want to support their ligaments, joints, and tendons. Think about this, how many
athletes tear muscles? It’s not very frequent. Most athletes tear ligaments and tendons, they tear their ACL. They have low back pain, knee pain from cartilage degeneration. They’re rarely tearing muscles. They’re tearing achilles tendons or your anterior cruciate ligament. It’s important that especially athletes are getting bone broth
and collagen in their diet every single day. In fact, of all the population,
it’s just as important or more important that
athletes are getting collagen in their diet, especially
because there’s so much stress on their connective tissues. – Now, collagen peptides,
collagen protein, I’ve seen both of these
on the store shelves. Are they the same thing or are there some slight
differences there? – Yeah, so when buying collagen, I think it’s really critical
that people buy something titled multi-collagen protein. Multi-collagen proteins will have multiple forms of collagen. When people have just collagen protein, it has typically one to two
sources of collagen when, in fact, your body has over
20 different types of collagen that make it up. Just like you don’t want a single vitamin, you tend to want a multi-vitamin, you also want a multi-collagen protein. With a bone broth protein,
that tends to be sourced from either chicken or beef. And then one of the
great benefits of buying a bone broth protein if it’s from chicken is that it’s also going
to have high levels of what are known as collagen boosters. Those are called
glycosaminoglycans and they include hyaluronic acid, glucosamine,
and chondroitin sulfate. Those three glycosaminoglycans
not only, well, essentially what they do is they boost your body’s
own collagen production and that’s why bone broth
protein in some cases for people can be even more beneficial
than a collagen protein because it not only has
collagen but it also has all these other co-factors
that support your body creating and producing
more collagen on it’s own. – Now, I was going to ask you that. As far as being organic, for example, everybody’s always wanting
to buy organic this, organic that, thinking it’s the best, now does collagen have to come from an organically raised animal
or does that not matter so much when we’re talking about this? – You know, for the most
part, it doesn’t matter as much as long as you are buying a source that is free of antibiotics,
steroids, growth hormones, doesn’t have heavy metals. Buying from a company
that tests their product I do think is important for that. The truth is, there’s really
not enough source in the US organically for people to
buy organic collagen today so what a lot of people are
doing are sourcing collagen from Argentina and South America and areas in the sort of
the, in northern Europe and they don’t necessarily
have the same organic standards with all those farms. Well, let me say this, their
standards are just as high as organic but they don’t have
that certified organic label and so I just, most
people wouldn’t know that, I just know that because of
the sourcing of the materials and I know where the
collagen’s coming from. It’s kind of like saying when you go to your local farmer’s market, does everything have the
USDA certified organic seal? No, but it doesn’t mean it’s not as good. It’s just that source, collagen today, there aren’t a lot of the
organic producers of collagen in terms of where they’re at regionally and throughout the world. – All right, we’re
speaking with Dr. Josh Axe about collagen protein. More from The Health
Awakening in just a moment. (upbeat music) – You know, collagen
is critical for so many areas of your body. In fact, did you know that
more than 70% of your skin, hair, and nails, bones,
discs, connective tissue, fascia, ligaments, tendons,
all those different areas of your body are made
up of mostly collagen. – Welcome back to The Health Awakening. We’ve been talking with Dr.
Josh Axe about collagen protein and why it may be better for athletes than even the muscle building protein because they’re missing
that in their diet. Dr. Josh Axe, thanks again for joining us. I want to ask you one more question. Is there a better collagen
to look for on the shelf or what kind of things
should we be looking for on the label? – Yeah, so when buying
collagen, and again, I think it’s critical that people look for multiple types of collagens. When you’re buying collagen,
it should say the word multi, just like multi-vitamin on it. You want sources of Type-1,
-2, -3, -5, and -10 collagen. Type-1 and -3 collagen come
from beef and wild fish. That’s going to really
support your skin, hair, nails, and bones. Type-2 collagen, which
comes from chickens, is going to really support
your gut, your ligaments, tendons, connective tissue,
and other areas of the body. Type-5 and -10 collagen, it
comes from egg shell membranes. If you’ve ever cracked open an egg, there’s a little thin
film inside the shell. That’s a really unique form of collagen that has Type-5 and -10
that actually is part of what makes up our arterial walls. Again, when people are buying collagen, they want to look for a source that says multi-collagen protein. And also, I’m a big believer
in bone broth protein. Bone broth protein is just
bone broth that’s dehydrated and turned into a powder. That, personally, is probably the thing that I consume the most in
terms of as a supplement. Bone broth protein is
rich in not just collagen but glucosamine, chondroitin,
and hyaluronic acid. A lot of people today are
getting injections in their skin of hyaluronic acid for
sort of beauty makeovers for anti-aging and people
are getting it injected in their knee. Well, I’ll say what’s even better is consuming that internally. Bone broth protein has a super high dose of hyaluronic acid so people want to get not just the benefits of
collagen but all the benefits of hyaluronic acid,
glucosamine, and chondroitin. Then doing a bone broth
protein is really a, probably the best way to go. But I kind of do one scoop of each of multi-collagen protein
and bone broth protein every morning in my sort
of super food smoothie that I personally consume. – Now, this product has
not been around forever so obviously you’ve
been doing your practice for quite some time
before this came around. Just personally, what kind of
differences have you noticed when you’ve taken this? – Yeah, for myself, I
mean, I was pretty amazed at how different my hair was. I noticed my hair had more
volume and grew out faster, my nails got, I felt like I
noticed they were stronger because of this and so I
noticed a big difference, specifically in my hair, skin, and nails. But the other thing, just the
way my gut and joints felt, I think those are the other two big areas. As I’ve worked with thousands
of people over the year including my past practice
when I took care of patients in the past and people
I still care for today, I’ve noticed incredible
changes in their health, especially in regards to
gut health or skin health and really their joints,
the way their joints feel. I have my mom who’s 67
takes these products every single day and
my wife and our family. Again, I’m a big believer
and there’s probably, and you know, for the other
thing, when I was in practice, I recommended all my
patients take bone broth but it was so hard because they
had to make it all the time. They would drive out and
have to buy organic bones, took them 24-48 hours to make
it, and it was so much work. Now the fact that somebody
can get bone broth in a powder form and
drink that in a smoothie and get all the bone broth
that way for their health, it’s been a real game changer for people who need bone broth in their diet and now they can get it in an easy, convenient form everyday. – You know, the bone and the joint issues with chondroitin and glucosamine
that you’ve mentioned, people, if they look on the
back of some of the supplements they’re taking for their joints, they’ll notice those
two compounds in there, which I think is great to
get it in the natural form. – Well it’s amazing that, yeah, you can take a bone broth protein and get not just 20 grams of collagen but you’re going to get all of
those other nutrients as well which is what makes bone broth
such an amazing super food. – Now, you have developed
a product with Jordan Rubin with Ancient Nutrition. I want you to tell us about
your multi-collagen protein. – Yeah, so we created what we believe is the ultimate collagen
supplement out there and this is what we
personally wanted to take, what I wanted the thousands
of people I’ve cared for over the years to take and
so it’s a tasteless powder. We also have flavors like
chocolate and vanilla. We have strawberry lemonade. People can pick up the product at health food stores
nationwide, it’s at Target, it’s at Wholefoods Market,
it’s at Vitamin Shoppe. Again, people can go in
there and just say, hey, can I get Dr. Axe’s Ancient
Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein and people can find it in
stores really nationwide. But, again, we have put in those multiples sources
of collagen from chicken, from grass-fed beef, from wild fish, from eggshell membrane to kind of create the ultimate collagen supplement. – All right, well, we’re
talking with Dr. Josh Axe about multi-collagen protein. We’ll be right back to wrap
it up in just a minute. (upbeat music) – Welcome back to The Health Awakening. Dr. Josh Axe, I want to give
you just a couple more minutes to talk about the product you
developed with Jordan Rubin. Again, why did you create this one? Was there a need for this? You saw that things
weren’t quite lining up with what you wanted to
see on store shelves? – Yeah, absolutely. I mean, this is a huge need. Anytime I personally create a product, I want to see a need in the marketplace and people were not putting
out quality supplements and quality collagen
and so myself and Jordan really searched the globe for
the highest quality collagen on the planet, something we ourselves would be comfortable
consuming and our families. And we found just the most amazing sources and so myself and Jordan also
own a 5,000 certified organic acres of land in Missouri in practice for generative farming. We’re big believers in
taking care of the planet and the health of
millions around the world and so that’s why we created this product. And we know people can
experience amazing benefits in their gut, their joints,
and of course, their beauty by taking this product. – All right, well,
thank you for joining us again today, Dr. Axe. Our guest has been Dr. Josh Axe. You can find all kinds
of great health news, nutrition information, dietary advice, and recipes all on his website, That’s Dr. Josh Axe, thank you
again for joining us today. – Awesome, hey, thanks for having me. I appreciate it. – All right, we’ll see you next time for another Health Awakening. (upbeat music) Thank you for joining us
today on The Health Awakening. You can catch the replay of this episode and see our complete show
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