March 30, 2020
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Why You Should Try “Cook Once Eat Twice” Meal Prep | What We Ate Over a Weekend (Healthy Recipes)

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m
a terrible cook. Despite that, we still prepare most of our meals at home,
because we believe that cooking is still the best way to look after ourselves, in
terms of choosing and understanding the food that goes into our bodies. But
cooking can be quite exhausting sometimes, and if cooking isn’t
exhausting enough, then there’s still the washing up that comes after. Even though
there are different methods of meal prepping that can make life a little
easier, they all come with their own pros and cons. After experimenting with
different ways of meal prepping, I’ve been settling into a routine of “cook
once eat twice”, which I find to be a happy medium between freshly cooked
meals and bulk-prepping meals in advance. In a nutshell,
“cook once eat twice” simply refers to cooking double the serving of something
and use half of that for a later meal. In this video, I’d like to share how I
utilize “cook once eat twice” over a weekend of cooking and eating. But before that,
let’s go through very quickly five reasons why you may also want to give it
a shot. The most obvious difference from “cook once eat twice” to meal prepping in
bulk, is the amount of food you have to prepare in one session. In my past
experience, preparing a week’s worth of meals on a Sunday, fumbling around the
kitchen with a counter full of ingredients for a whole afternoon, and
then having to clean up after that, was a little too much cooking and washing for
me to handle in one day. But this is not a knock on meal prepping in bulk as much
as it’s a knock on my own inability to multitask. As someone who’s utterly
disorganized, one thing that I really like about “cook once eat twice”, is that
it requires little to no planning. Instead of having to prepare multiple
meals in advance, with different recipes that require different measurements of
ingredients, “cook once eat twice” allows me to focus on just one recipe at a time,
and I can even decide on a recipe in the last minute. With fewer things to worry
about, there’s a lower chance of making mistakes, which I really appreciate, as
I’m pretty prone to messing up. When meal prepping in bulk, I tend to choose
recipes that are really simple, oftentimes bordering on idiot proof.
That’s because I’m not that ambitious, nor am I confident enough in my own
abilities, especially when there’s so much ingredients at stake. “Cook once eat twice” has allowed me to treat each cooking session as a standalone
experiment. It has reignited my love for cooking, and is now more of an enjoyable
hobby, and less of a chore. I can practically try any recipe that I want,
regardless of its complexity. I’m also naturally cooking more as a result, and
more practice means more opportunities to improve my skills. Our pans, our oven,
and most of our other cooking appliances and equipment are average sized at best,
and they are the limiting factor to how many meals we can conveniently cook at
one go. We also don’t have that many jars and containers to store food, and even if
we did, our refrigerator wouldn’t have the space to fit those containers. The
sweet spot, considering the size of our kitchen and appliances, is cooking about
four servings, which happens to be the amount to “cook once eat twice” for the
two of us. Lastly, most food just tend to taste better when they are more freshly
prepared, and there’s usually less nutrient loss. Which is great.

Randall Smitham



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    Since my parents like to cook the same recipes on repeat (a habit which I've adopted as well).

  8. firmi namino Posted on December 22, 2019 at 1:23 am

    Hi! I've noticed that you don't use a kitchen hood /smoke extractor, or maybe it was hidden out of shot? Was it a concious decision not to install one? Any problem with cooking odour? After some time of cooking without using a hood, the water vapour started to cause my ceiling paint to crack and peel, any such problem as well?

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  13. adultblues Posted on December 22, 2019 at 10:10 am

    I recently took over the task of cooking for my family too – best items for cook once and eat a few times are meat (chicken, pork or beef) with some sauce – we try to do veggies – salad or steam – fresh every meal – rice can keep well too for the next 1-2 meals

    Fish or seafood or some tofu items may not taste so good after reheating

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  18. A. Posted on December 23, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Microwaving food actually destroys the nutrients and depletes it of vitamins. Microwaved food is dead food. As a minimalist, a microwave is also not that efficient to keep. Just reheating it in a pot will do.

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