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hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another video today I it’s a mukbang a
Wingstop month long actually asked on
instagram so if you guys aren’t
following on Instagram check that out I
did I pull on whether I should have
wings stop or Chipotle and it was very
close but I mean stop a wine so I’m
going to go ahead and stop rambling and
start eating because I actually have a
story time for you guys and yeah I’m
pretty and I have a whole bunch of
emotions on like I’m nervous talking
about this but also like excited so and
I’m happy I held off on actually doing
this story time I was gonna do it a
couple of days ago but have more
information well not more information
but more signs that yeah I have more
signs oh I should probably do a
thumbnail but you know I’m so hungry I’m
gonna take this first site looks good
oh we’re good all right have we in stop
since the last time I had to made the
video I think three weeks ago Wow
if you guys aren’t familiar this story –
haven’t gonna kind of go hand-in-hand
with the last story time that I did
I’ll link it up here it’s a wing stop
video so it’s basically all about my
dating life I hurt or lack thereof or
you know hopefully we’ll see yeah so huh
so guy that I was talking about in the
last video I finally worked up the
courage to talk to him guys I know I
I’m not the person that makes the first
move ever so it was very nerve-wracking
and then I just thought you know what if
I’m not gonna do it now I’m never gonna
do it this is at the gym too so it’s
kind of awkward I didn’t want to seem
like a finger off the gym since like we
both go to this gym so I go up
I’m pretty mess I’m just like hey like I
listened to your podcast blah blah like
and he was caught off guard but then
like surprisingly like happy he was a
goal thank you like wow um so we ended
up talking about I’m trying to look
without saying too much basically you
know small talk at the beginning looks
like oh I was like he knocked up I
didn’t reduce myself since I kind of
know you so I introduced myself like my
name is Kayla and um he was like oh so
like are you a rap are you from here you
around here or no what do you say you
said oh how long have you lived here
like meaning I think LA but I took it as
like how long have I lived like alcohol
I’ve been here for about a month so I
probably seem like this crazy like
groupie girl and then like I realized
that he was talking about it just like
in California
oh but like I’ve lived lived here for
three years here’s ago okay cool and um
and then he like was like oh yeah
actually you know I’m not even this
isn’t even like the closest gym to me
actually drive to this gym which fate
right like I was supposed to meet him it
was supposed to happen because he didn’t
do below over here I mean he lives
probably I think he looked like he was
10 minutes away
I’m he lives where I used to live like
over in that area which also fate can we
talk about that like he knew the street
that I was living on like before I have
moved here so okay I I’m a firm believer
in like signs and things like this like
I hadn’t even known who he was until he
popped up on my Instagram explorer Paige
hey thanks Instagram so you know we’re
small talking and then he was like oh so
like do you live in love this way where
I live okay
then he was like also uh and then sorry
I’m just all over the place cuz I’m so
giddy and so excited so I I talked to
him and I’m just like I’m like oh like
you know since you don’t live in this
area what made you what makes you drive
to this gym he was like it’s the the
mountains because I live like really
close to mountains I’m like that’s the
reason why I got my apartment I was just
like hey like we’re supposed to be
together um so I was like oh like I was
like that’s the reason why you know I
moved to my place and he was like wait I
can you live here and like in my head I
wanted to be smart and be like duh
that’s why I’m going to this gym not
everyone just like drives to this gym
because they want to like you but I
didn’t I refrain sorry
I’m sorry I’m mighty nervous talking
about this mmm sounds like yeah I can
see the mountains you know when I wake
up every morning that’s like great and I
was like he’s like I really want to move
out here I was like you need to get on
it it was like uh-oh Sakia um and then
he got a little awkward but we both work
hi I’m Alfred not awkward like so it’s
just like oh we’re talking like no one
usually talks at the gym so like I was
like oh yeah I told him like we’re how I
found my apartment about like at a like
because I was like yeah it’s actually
cheaper than like my last place and like
the place that I was at last generally
that area is cheaper than the area that
I’m at now but I just found a really
good deal so he was like wow like you
found something cheaper like here and I
was like yeah like I found it on truly I
know we kind of had like an awkward
moment was it wait what what and I was
like Julia that he was like huh I was
like that’s why I found my apartment
on Trulia but Oh Mike oh my gosh like am
I like sounding stupid right now like
has anyone has anyone else heard of
Trulia like I felt like that was like a
really popular app to find apartments
and you know houses they even have a
yeah they have a house like a house at
Trulia but anyway that’s besides the
so um we’re talking a little bit more
but like I felt myself like getting more
and more nervous I don’t know why so I
was like I gotta cut this short
like I don’t want him to think I’m a
bitch but I don’t want to be seen as a
fangirl because that will ruin my
chances I know the type of person he is
because literally we’ve probably the
same person I didn’t even tell you guys
I got some unsweetened tea I wasn’t fill
in like diet sodas or anything
let me go ahead and get a thumbnail in
and then I’ll finish the story okay I
think we got one all right where was I
hmm Oh web so I could tell that he still
went conversation going
oh it’s like that’s like the greatest
feeling like especially as a girl like
going up to a guy I’m being so nervous
I’m like him wanting to like keep
talking to you but I was like I’m like
getting more and more uncool as I’m
talking so like okay Caleb
cut it short you’re gonna see him again
at the gym and like you can like think
of something else to say sounds like
well like I don’t want to like interrupt
you and like your workout you know now
you’re working out so I’ll just like let
you go and I like see you around the gym
and I was about to leave I was like
busting you know dip pal and he was like
Wheatley what’s your name again because
I said it like so super fast in the
beginning when I had first might have
and like he had his hand out and I was
like oh my god like didn’t we already do
this stuff like we already introduced
ourselves and like I feel like normally
people that like you know that our
barren girls it’s like oh like nice to
meet you and then like talk and I keep
it moving but he was he was like he took
the initiative and he was like wait let
me remember this girl’s name I mean so
that was a really good filling and I was
like oh my name is Kayla because I goes
really nice to meet you Kayla looks like
oh my gosh like seriously like you don’t
even understand I was on cloud nine but
then like in the back of my head like I
doubted and I was just like oh my god
I’m so nervous on my head I’m so nervous
did it uh like I’m so freaking awkward
like if you watched my um what are you
in a day video I’ll link it up here that
that day was the actual day that I um
saw him or talked to him rather so
so that happens and I’m just like okay
this was like a week ago yeah sorry guys
it was like no memory on my card though
we are back okay I don’t remember where
I was but so yeah I forgot did I tell
you I’m a firm believer in signs like
there’s literally so many other signs
that I wouldn’t even be able to tell you
or you would guess who this is and like
I’m just like I don’t want anyone to
know yeah but okay so that happens and
then I’m like scrolling you know through
my Instagram feed and I’ve noticed like
someone that I’m following light one of
his pictures so it’s like one of a
subscriber of mine so Nathan if you’re
watching hey um so something just told
me like you know what like tell him like
tell him hey oh my god like you follow
like this guy that I like but I was like
talking about my videos and done it up
so I told Nathan you know hopefully he
keeps my secret if not he sold me one
that knows so yeah but I told him and
like and then I don’t think anything of
it you know I feel like that’s so crazy
you know like you follow him that I
so I I leave and come home from work
like this is literally today this is
today and I come home nothing check my
Instagram and he like diems me again and
he’s he’s he’s like oh my gosh like he
sends a screenshot of his like newsfeed
on history of he’s like oh my god like
your picture is right above like like
this person and I’m like I like
something just told me to tell this guy
I don’t even know him like I know he’s a
subscriber of mine but like I don’t
know him so I just found that like to be
like the ultimate sign that like I need
to just go ahead and swap to this guy a
little bit more get to know him like if
you guys only knew all the signs like
pointing to where it’s like I’m
literally the perfect person for him I
did some snooping though because you
know he lives his life on the internet
so technically it’s like not snooping
because it’s like a public domain but I
think he’s talking to someone
but honestly like I don’t think it’s
serious like and I’m not gonna be like a
homewrecker and try to like get it I’m
just gonna be a friend a gym friend that
you know friendly face that says hi
but I figured since I do a wing videos a
lot to make them worth your while I
would just like give you a continuation
of this story so if you’re a rider and
you really want to like know what’s
going on you know that it’ll most likely
be on a wing stop video but yeah as of
now potential and I there’s just there’s
so many signs like if I could tell you
like all the way down to like my name
like it’s just crazy yeah but only time
will tell
I would definitely like to get to know
him more we’ll see we’ll see like I’m
also very intimidated by him because you
know he’s been in the game for like five
years I think and I don’t want him to
think that like I’m using him for his
followers and stuff like like no like I
generally feel like he would be the
perfect person for me like just
see what’s up you know what I mean but I
don’t know literally I’ve been talking
to all my friends about him and I’m not
that type of person I’m like ask anyone
that knows me I am not that type of
person I just like cannot shut up about
a guy and I literally cannot shut up
about him it’s like kind of sickening
and like that’s why I’m like I can’t
believe I’m like actually telling
everyone about I’m like oh my god like
that so embarrassing to me like cause
like what if I don’t do anything and
then like you know it’s just kind of
like everyone’s like oh what happened to
the guy that’s like I’ve already gotten
some of that from like the last video
that I talked about him and like at that
point I had and like talk to him cuz I
was like too nervous but I feel like
these kind of like will hold me
accountable if like you guys are like
hey like just checking in what’s up with
that guy like it really will probably
hold me accountable it’s like make sure
you know talk them a little more but I
feel like if I know him he’s gonna
remember name and then I’m gonna see him
and he’s like hey what’s up Kayla you
know that’s the type of guy that I’m
gonna need him to be cuz I already did
my part
are you one up to him first you know any
me and like that ish is not fun but
pretty much I’m sprung off a guy who
don’t even know me like that
that’s okay though I’m talking you guys
oh I wouldn’t even be telling you guys
if I didn’t fill something so this is
just a lot coming from me I just I hope
that what I’m feeling is true and you
guys keep me in your thoughts and
prayers for this long because he’s
literally the perfect person like ah
like I haven’t like felt this way about
literally anyone so hmm so but also what
other mukbangs you guys when I see you
I’m gonna do my cheat mill soon with a
special guest so I need to figure out
what cheap mill you guys with why
because I’m so ready for a cheat meal I
still have anything like two more weeks
but you can never you can never not plan
enough you know II mean especially when
it comes to Chico
but yes thank you guys for letting me
just like top about this freaking boy
that I can’t stop talking about like
literally I am NOT this person I am
definitely not this person so the fact
that he’s got me talking to all my
people about him like yo if this when
this not if when cuz I’m claiming it
when I’m dating him I’m gonna make him
be on my channel and you guys will see
who it is so bad mmm oh yeah
do any of you guys have some interesting
love life stories that you can you know
let me know so I don’t feel so alone
I feel like the lovebug like hit me and
it’s just not going away
it does not help that literally every
single one of my friends coworkers are
either in a relationship or getting
frickin married like what the app like
everyone there’s only one person that
just got out of a relationship so like
she’s named count you know II mean um so
I don’t know like but even then like
they have been in our relationships for
like a year some years and I didn’t have
a feeling or need to like be in a
relationship but now I’m just like this
guy got me like sprung to where I like
we want to be in a relationship and I’m
like oh my god I love my independence I
love being independent and literally
like I can see myself hanging out with
him all the time which is like scary but
it’s pretty so yeah I don’t know
definitely give this video a thumbs up
if you like these story time videos I’ll
be sure to make more of them if you do
just can I give you guys updates on you
know what’s currently going on in my
as always you know what to do you like
these videos I keep making them but
until then I will see you guys in the
next one bye

Randall Smitham



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