April 5, 2020
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– Hey everyone, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I’m Adriene and today we have
another Yoga for Digestion
or yoga for when
you’ve just eaten too much.
Life is good, it’s
all good, and guess what,
the tools of yoga and your pal
Adriene, we’re here to help.
That’s the beauty of
the at-home yoga practice.
So before you get all
caught up in your head
and go down that rabbit hole,
let’s just tend to
the body with breath
and some good
vibes and balance it out.
Hop into something extra comfy.
I highly recommend
drawstring pants. (laughs)
Let’s get started.
(upbeat music)
Alright buds, let’s start
in a nice comfortable
seat of your choice.
It’s all good, man.
Life is good and
you know what’s better?
Eating, we’re so lucky,
grateful that we even get food.
So, if you’re
starting this practice
feeling hard for yourself,
let’s try to shift that
into A, gratitude for
the gifts that we have received
and also yeah, for
food on the table period,
and we’ll just slowly just
try to shift our perspective,
find what feels good,
really quick easy breezy today,
so sit up nice and
tall and we’ll start
with just a little Pranayama.
A little moment of
meditation of pause
to just really
soften through the belly
and sit up tall.
Lengthen through the neck.
Let your hands just rest
wherever they fall naturally.
And I just wanna keep
it real, like it happens,
you know, we get the
best of ourselves sometimes.
We have regrets.
The best way to shift
anything, in my opinion,
is to think about being graceful
and also grateful.
So, the two Gs
here to the rescue.
And yeah, we’re gonna do
some digestive
health stuff, of course,
but start with the two Gs
and just find a little grace,
so make sure you’re
not clenching anywhere,
especially in the lower belly.
Let your belly just hang.
Be loose.
And then, seriously,
tap into the gratitude.
What are you thankful for?
Give thanks for the things that
you have and the
nourishment that you receive.
And we’ll cultivate a little
mindfulness here on the mat.
Grace and gratitude.
Gracefully and with gratitude.
Moving in slow circles,
inhale, come forward.
Chest, heart moves forward.
Exhale, around and back.
Notice how slow we’re moving.
Inhale, come forward.
You gotta bring
the breath though
and then exhale,
around and back.
Now, depending
on how full you are,
just see if you can
really move from your center,
whatever that means to you.
Maybe you picture your
navel drawing a big circle.
Maybe you like that
image of the coffee grinder.
Shout out to Bev.
And then reverse your
circle if you haven’t already.
Go the other way and start to
wake up the body even more,
so find some extra
movement here on this circle.
Alright, and
bring it all back in.
Spiral it all back in.
Bring the hands
together at your heart.
Grace and gratitude.
Bow the head to your
heart, grace and gratitude.
Feel that deep stretch
in the back of the neck.
Keep it soft and easy today.
Excuse me.
And here you go, left hand’s
gonna come down to the ground
and right fingertips gonna
shoot over towards the left,
and then you’re just
gonna alternate back and forth,
and you can
reach out diagonally,
you can reach out to the side,
you can take the classic,
traditional side body stretch,
but just find a little
back and forth movement
that feels awesome.
And try to keep your
belly soft and the breath full.
And the next time
your over to the right,
go ahead and find a twist,
so you’ll inhale, lengthen,
and exhale, gentle twist.
And then what really brings home
the broccoli or the bacon here,
that was dumb,
is the breath.
So breath down into the belly,
this directional breath,
breathing down,
and then keep it smooth
even as you breathe out.
Calming any stress or
anxiety that might have come,
that might have led
you to this practice.
Yeah, and then with
nice, easy breeziness,
just come back to center.
We’ll take the same
thing on the other side.
Super chill,
inhale, lift the chest,
and exhale to twist.
Breathe downward into
the belly as you breathe in,
and then it comes up
and out as you breathe out.
(deep breathing)
Come back to center.
And we repeat.
Hands come to thighs and knees.
We’re gonna move in a circle.
Different kinda
breath this time.
See if you can find a
breath that really is deep
and synchronized
with the movement
in any way that feels good.
So, there’s no
right or wrong here,
just move with your breath.
Aw, and move in with your belly
and if any other sounds
or expressions come out,
go ahead and let them.
Hey-o, sorry for the people
you’re practicing with though,
in case it’s gas.
And then reverse your circle.
And if you’re
practicing this alone,
if you’re practicing this alone,
just get all like,
oh, freaky deaky,
and if you’re practicing
this with friends or family,
just go ahead and say
hello to them right now,
like, what’s up, so glad
we’re doing this together.
Bring balance to the body.
Alright, and then
bring it back to center
and easy twist to the right.
Tuck the chin, roll
up through the spine,
big inhale, soft belly.
Exhale, twist.
Big inhale.
Exhale, twist.
Oh yeah.
One more, inhale.
Exhale, twist, and
then come back to center,
take it to the other side.
Tuck the chin,
roll through the spine.
Make sure you’re
not leaning back,
so sit, sit up nice and tall
and lift your sternum up.
Inhale and exhale.
And so the
breath is active here.
Inhale to lift and
lengthen, create space,
and then exhale to twist.
Never underestimate the power
of breathing deeply
and consciously in a twist.
(deep breathing)
Alright, after three
cycles of breath at least,
go ahead and
bring it back to center.
Bring the palms together once
again, grace and gratitude.
Exhale, bow your
head to your heart.
Awesome, come to lie on
your back, nice and easy.
Ooh yeah.
Aw yeah, aw yeah.
Sounds are
welcome in this practice.
This is at home yoga, man.
Come all the way on your back,
and when you get there,
snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space.
Get comfy,
feel supported by the earth.
And then here we go.
We’re gonna hug both
knees into the chest.
Take your time,
scoop the tailbone up,
then hold onto your right knee,
and send the left
leg out long all the way.
Let your heel kiss the ground.
Then squeeze your
right knee into your chest.
Take big old breath in,
and then as you exhale,
slowly peel your
nose up towards your knee.
Breathing deep, try to keep
the skin of the face soft.
You can rotate the
right ankle one way
and then the other, if you want.
Oh yeah, can you
hear my stomach?
And exhale to release.
Great, release
the right foot down,
hug the left
knee into the chest,
and slowly extend
the right leg out long.
Wind relieving post,
squeeze the left knee in.
I’m not playin’
dude, this is in the books.
This isn’t like
some weird Adriene stuff.
This is in the books.
Squeeze, inhale.
Slow exhale, slow peeling of
the head, neck, shoulders up.
Nose toward the knee.
Keep the skin of
the face soft, breathe.
So, we’re creating compression
now on the left side.
The stomach, you always wanna do
right knee up to the chest first
in case you’re
doin’ this freestyle,
willy nilly on
your own without me,
which I support.
Exhale to release.
Oh yeah.
Bring the left foot
to the ground,
right foot to the ground.
Take a breather,
hands on the belly.
You’re gonna walk the
feet as wide as your yoga mat
and then bring
the knees into touch,
so you can just
soften through your belly.
Breathe deep, just breathe.
Close your eyes.
We’re almost done.
Allow the body to go
through its different stages.
That ain’t never gonna change.
So don’t beat yourself up,
don’t be too hard on yourself.
Be grateful, be graceful,
and keep creating
grooves and patterns that just
keep bringing you
back to what feels good.
Alright, press up
off the tippy toes
and lift the
knees up to the chest.
One final ditty.
We’re gonna take the
knees over towards the left
and then you’re
gonna open your elbows up
to cactus arms or football.
Post-Thanksgiving, if
you’re doing this in real time,
then this is appropriate.
Ah, football goal post arms.
If that ain’t your
thing, cactus arms.
Breathe into your belly.
If you like,
turn onto your right ear.
Close your eyes.
(deep breathing)
Exhale, bring it back to center,
and take it onto the other side.
Last one, you got it.
Try to bring your
left shoulder to the ground
as you turn onto your left ear.
Breathe down into your belly.
And then back to center.
One more time,
squeeze the right knee in.
Right Side, left leg out.
You can also do
left leg on the ground,
I mean, left foot on the ground.
And then right
leg out, left leg in.
Both knees in, squeeze.
And exhale to release
everything to the ground.
Corpse Pose, yes,
rock this Corpse Pose.
Inhale, lots of love in,
find a little smile.
It’s all good, baby,
and then exhale
just to relax everything.
Way to go for taking
time to do this video.
Take some more
time for yourself.
You’ll bounce back.
Your body will balance out.
The best thing you
can do for yourself
is be graceful and grateful
and enjoy every
second of all the gifts
that life is bringing you,
even the ones
that feel a little eh.
Just know it’s all a gift.
It’s all a tool.
It’s all an
opportunity to learn.
And tomorrow’s
a new day. Deep breath.
And exhale.
My stomach’s making noises.
Bring the hands together
and we say, namaste.
(upbeat music)

Randall Smitham