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Today I’ve gone ahead and made one of my favorite quick warm beverages.
It’s one I’ve shared with you before, the London Fog.
It’s just some heated up plant-based milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and Earl Grey tea bag,
and that’s it, so simple and so comforting.
For about a year I worked as a dietician at an osteoporosis clinic
Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones it happens when we either lose too much bone,
or we don’t make enough bone, or both.
And I think a lot of times people think that it’s a disease that old people get
and when we’re young and healthy, it’s really easy to overlook our bones because they’re doing okay,
but if there’s one thing I learned during my time working there
It’s that we can only prevent the disease by the actions that we take today
because once you develop osteoporosis, you can’t really reverse it.
So today, I was hoping we could chat a little bit about our bone health.
So here’s the thing, a lot of people think that they’re gonna somehow know if their bones are getting weak
But osteoporosis is often also called the silent thief because we can’t always feel it in our bones
There are no symptoms until a bone fracture occurs.
And it’s not as easy as taking a blood test to find out
either you see our body keeps the calcium level in our blood at a set amount
So even if you’re not getting in enough calcium from foods
Your body’s just gonna take it from your bones to keep that blood level at it’s set amount.
So how do you know how much you need to get and what the sources are?
We’ve written a more comprehensive article on the blog already,
I’m gonna leave that link in the description box below.
Today, We’re just gonna go over the bare basics.
So pretty much if you’re under the age of 50 you want to aim for about two servings of calcium rich foods per day.
And if you’re over the age of 50 you want to aim for about three servings a day.
Calcium rich foods for people on a plant-based diet these are things like
cooked bok choy, cooked kale, tofu that’s been set in a calcium brine
and fortified plant-based milks and plant-based yogurts
More or less one serving of each of those items is about one cup of each of those items.
Now other food sources also have calcium, but in smaller amounts.
These are things like broccoli, and almonds, and oranges, wonderful foods
But we’re not going to contribute this to our two servings a day.
Same thing goes with certain kinds of beans and nuts as well
They actually have certain inhibitors in them that bind to calcium and decrease our body’s ability to absorb them
So there’s still wonderful foods, and they still do give us some calcium
but we’re just going to treat these foods as a bonus to our overall calcium intake for the day.
Now a few important things to mention here.
For starters we always recommend getting your calcium from food over supplements whenever possible.
Food just offers such a complex array of nutrients that no one supplement can really provide
But a lot of you also often ask,
wether having fortified milks in yogurts not kind of the same thing as taking a supplement
the answer is yes kind of, but we still recommend those fortified foods over supplement.
The reason being with a single supplement It’s rather easy to overdo it
and you really want to make sure that you’re not taking too much consistently over the long term
because that can have some pretty nasty side effects.
but when you’re getting it from fortified foods, It’s not as easy to overdo, you know.
Drinking 4 cups of almond milk back to back is not something most people do.
But it’s easy to get that same amount of calcium from a single small little tablet.
The other benefit of getting it from the food itself is that those foods offer additional nutrients
So having something like yogurt for instance gives us probiotics,
soy milk also gives us some extra protein, other plant milks have naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
So you can see why we still say that food over supplement
and fortified food over supplements whenever you can
Now, here’s another tip if you’re going to be enjoying those fortified milks and yogurts
Give the bottle a shake before you serve it, because the calcium tends to sediment at the bottom
And that way you can bring it back out into solution to enjoy
You also want to make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D,
because vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium in the gut even better.
If you’re not sure about vitamin D, and you want to learn more, we’ve written an article all about it on the blog,
so I’ll leave that link for you in the description box below.
Now keep in mind there are several reasons why people can develop osteoporosis
and some of the factors we can’t control like our genes.
But other factors we can control like our food choices.
Other factors that can also benefit our bones are things like getting enough exercise,
consuming alcohol moderately if at all, and eliminating smoking.
All right, so I hope that this video has helped to increase your confidence
when it comes to taking control of your bone health.
Take-home messages are we want to aim for about two to three servings of calcium rich foods a day,
ideally from food or supplements whenever we can,
and those fortified foods are wonderful options as well.
Thank you for enjoying this London Fog with me. Hope to see you in the next video, until then have an awesome week

Randall Smitham



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