March 31, 2020
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We’re talking about different versions of the ketogenic diet and this version is what I don’t really know what to name so I’m going to call it ‘you can’t eat that on keto method’ and so there’s some people especially Facebook groups and on blogs and stuff that will say oh this is keto this is keto vegetables all vegetables or keto except for carrots or never keto berries or never keto fruit is never keto Sugar’s never keto this is where you are staying in ketosis and where a lot of this will work is pretty much if you avoid all fruit if you avoid all sugar all corn stuff all corn syrup all grains you probably will keep yourself in ketosis and this is where this method works and this can also be helpful with people that like to have everything really black and white without measuring and so in general if you keep your carb count under 30 or 20 grams a day you will stay in ketosis and this is just kind of a way to do that and so in the you can’t eat that on keto method is usually you’re not going to be able to have any sweet vegetables which is like root vegetables sweet potatoes are definitely not allowed tomatoes are not allowed so what you can have is like leafy greens and zucchini broccoli Brussels sprouts that kind of thing you can have meat you can have cheese you can have eggs you can’t have any sugar you can’t have any fruit of any kind even berries which some people will say Oh berries are allowed on keto but other fruit is not and again this just kind of depends on your own personal carbon tolerance and which way you like to do your way of eating so most people will stay in ketosis on that you can’t eat that on keto method but it’s not the only way to stay in ketosis and in the keto family class which I will link to below I have meal plans and everything for you with all of these so Karki so called keto allowed foods and so this is the way that you like to do things and you kinda don’t want to have to measure stuff your own you don’t wanna have to weigh out your food calculated every day I do have male fans with all of the card counts and everything counted for you and we have lots of recipes with Whole Foods we’re not using any Franken foods like aretha tall or sugar alcohols in our recipes these are all whole foods that are nourishing to your body that can kind of get you to what you are looking for on the ketogenic diet and they will definitely keep you in ketosis so if you would like to click below I would love to have you at our keto family class

Randall Smitham