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And welcome back to the 50k hobby Channel today, I’m gonna be showing you how to make crazy
good keto Tuscan chicken
I’ll show you the keto version
but I’m also going to show you sort of a
Family-friendly way to make it so you can stick with your keto as well as how the rest of your family members be happy
And enjoying their meal with you. So first we’re gonna start with
Boneless skinless chicken breast you want to get some nice good thick cut slices. We’re gonna need garlic powder
Parmesan cheese as well as olive oil
Italian seasoning cayenne pepper
Onion powder and also a bit of garlic salt. I’m also going to be adding one box of chicken broth
And then this is the veggie pasta that I use for my family, but you can use any kind of pasta
All right Kickn It Keto is a youtuber that told me about
Parmigiano-reggiano it is the real parmesan and guys make sure you get this because it tastes so delicious
Now with your boneless skinless chicken breasts you want to go ahead and make sure they’re rinsed very well and patted dry
Then we’re gonna cut them
Long ways is what I call it like slice it and I actually had to do this several times because the pieces were so thick
This is what they look like
When they’ve finally been you know cut apart and I’ve heated up my olive oil
So I started cutting up my second batch of chicken because I did have two packs
Seasoned them very well with all of the seasoning that I showed you and go as heavy as you need to
And then I place them into the and let it start cooking
I use tongs
To kind of let it cook on one side flip it over and you want to make sure all the pink is gone
But don’t dry it out. Don’t overdo it. You can see how did you see these pieces? Look they’re very well seasoned
All right
And then notice the dripping the pan drippings. You can see the little bits kind of on the sides of the chicken with the oil
Absolutely do not drain that you will be using that later for the most delicious Tuscan sauce that I think you will have tasted
It’s so good
All right
So I’m gonna finish up this chicken and then again showing you kind of the completed batch
And there were actually two full batches of chicken here again, they’re very well seasoned
I did have two nibble they were so good. Now. These are the three that you will need seasonings for your sauce
all right, you’re gonna be adding in also two cups of heavy whipping cream and
Then start to stir them
You know and let it start to sizzle and get like I said the pan drippings in there
The oil and just let it get blended very well
So I’ll let it do that for several minutes
And then I added in all three containers of the Parmesan cheese
and it’s really crazy because it not only melts it literally kind of disappears into the sauce and becomes
sort of like an alfredo and it
Absolutely tastes SO good!
And so get that blended and then I went on to put the seasoned chicken back into the
The sauce and now make sure you move it around you want to flip it over?
Get it coated nicely and you just let kind of the flavors blend
As you’re simmering the sauce and simmering at this point your heat should be on a medium to low heat
And then finally, I added in one cup of spinach which really just adds such a great flavor
You want to let the Spanish get nice and tender not too overcooked or undercooked
All right. Now let your chicken and your spinach simmer as you open up your box of pasta in this case again
I did use veggie pasta for my family. So I’ve boiled it and water with a little olive oil
It doesn’t take very long and then you drain it and then it was time to plate the dishes and guys
It was absolutely amazing. Again. This is the keto version
I didn’t have pasta with mine and it was just delicious for theirs
I did add pasta to the plate then put the chicken in and then added more sauce and they
Absolutely loved it. And I hope you will too. Please like and subscribe for more

Randall Smitham



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