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Zara Larsson Tries Ikea Food | Food Fight | Women’s Health

KEX! Cookies. Some weird people say
“CHEX” – uh, that’s not how you say it.
It’s a weird accent in Swedish, and don’t
trust these people, let’s say that –
because it’s “KEX”. You can see the K.
Hi! I’m Zara Larsson, and today I’m gonna
be trying out some things, explain to you
guys what it is. If you like IKEA, you
might recognize some of these things – and
IKEA, just like me, is Swedish! So, this
is almost like a little tutorial.
The cinnamon buns — very Swedish. We have a
Cinnamon Bun Day; maybe you guys have
that in America as well. Let’s have a try —
Tastes like a good cinnamon bun.
Mm – okay, okay!
Moving on – to… Skumtopp!
I didn’t know that these were like a Swedish
thing; I thought everybody has these. They
look like this inside, like a marshmallow thing.
This was like, what you had in
school when everybody was bringing snacks
and you had like a snack day, or everybody
was baking, this was like… what I brought.
Because my mom don’t bake.
And it’s like, cheap. So.
The next thing that I didn’t know what Swedish that
I thought everybody had is Daim.
No one eats that? That’s not, like a really big thing?
They deserve to be.
This is with an orange flavor, limited edition,
apparently – I haven’t
tried these ones myself, so I’m quite excited.
It’s chocolate-covered toffee with a tiny bit of nut in it.
I like the orange! That was nice!
Sill — also from IKEA.
It’s so Swedish.
They have these little pickled herring in
whatever sauce – this is a mustard sauce.
If you want to eat this the real
Swedish way, you should have it
with small potato – summer potatoes – spring
onion, maybe some dill, and also
sour cream. It’s the way to eat it.
This is for Easter, this is for
Midsummer, for everything.
And I saw something exciting here too —
These ones! Knäckebröd!
Knäckebröd is like bread, but it’s hard.
So “knäck” would be like “crack” in
Swedish. I say – so when something cracks, like:
It was really nice. It was
really nice with this bread!
Last night, I had some Italian meatballs. And the big
difference is, the Swedish ones were…
Yummier? Sorry Italians; I’m just being
honest. But we can’t forget – the lingon!
Lingon – it’s a berry, and it lives in the Swedish forest!
…and probably all around the world. And I
don’t even like this that much;
I personally would never buy like, a
drink – but I do like it a lot on
meatballs. And also, if you have pickled
cucumber with it, it’s really nice. And
creamy mashed potatoes and brown sauce.
That’s how you do it if you’re a real Swede!
Very good. What else do we have?
Make room for my pie!
Rabarber! Rhubarbs.
Really nice. I used to have rhubarbs
in my – um, what is it called, yard?
Garden? In my garden. But we have
those really big snails that just ate everything.
Mmhmm! I wish it was a tiny bit more
sour – oh my gosh I’m like a judge on The
Great British Bake Off.
I wish it was a bit more sour.
Ooh! Kafferep!
Kafferep – it’s almost like Fika,
when you go to this place which is like
a Starbucks, but preferably more cozy, and
then you sit and you talk —— with someone,
and you drink coffee. There’s a special
word for it, and it’s called Fika.
It’s very important in Swedish culture.
So, Kafferep – it’s almost like that,
it might be lunch break, middle of the
day, and you want something sweet to it.
Gooey chocolate cake: a Swedish classic.
Thin and gooey to please any
chocolate lover.
They really sold it to me.
Ooh, it’s definitely gooey, look at this!
I like that.
I think this is like an alphabet thing! Ooh!
What should we spell?
I see it!
IKEA’s a great place, but it doesn’t really make, like,
everything the way it should be. Like a
homemade pie will always be better, for
example – but if you just crave something
Swedish and you want it now? I would say
if you like Swedish meatballs, these are
really good. So I would probably pick the
meatballs, or, actually –
the pickled herring.
Thank you for watching!

Randall Smitham



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