December 12, 2019
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Zero to Keto in 28 Days!

Hi there, keto friends! I’m Heather. This
is What’s Up Wednesday. It’s three
o’clock, so you know what we do over here
on It Starts with the Food. If you live
here in the U.S., you’re probably getting
ready for a long, hopefully long, four-day
weekend and celebrating our independence.
But, as most of you probably know, the
celebration for our independence usually
involves the three “f”s: fireworks, friends,
and food. I remember clearly – a few
years back now, it’s been over three
years – when I started down this keto road,
it was right before summertime and
summertime was a lot of backyard
barbecues and the holidays. It was
Memorial Day first, birthdays, and
then the fourth of July. And I remember
these get-togethers causing me a
lot of angst. Like, if I knew that there
was going to be food at these functions…
I could eat beforehand or I
could go and kind of just see how it
played out. And this is one of the
reasons why I’m launching my Zero
to Keto program on Monday, right before
the fourth, because I remember clearly my
first fourth of July was one of those
times. What I really could have used back
then was a little bit of wisdom. Somebody
that had gone before me and could tell
me it’s going to be okay. That not only
was it going to be okay, but that if I
had the right foods to bring with me, that
not only was I going to thrive but that
I would also, in turn, share my bounty
with others and people would start
asking what is this thing that you’re
doing because the food was really good.
So that’s what my message today is: that
it’s going to be okay, that it shouldn’t
cause you angst, that if you are going to
one of these celebrations or you’re
going to have people over and celebrate
that there’s some really good
tried-and-true methods to get you
through that and keep you in your keto
lane even if you’re just starting you
don’t have to worry about cheating or
straying or feeling like a square peg in a
round hole – one of us is not like the
other – it
doesn’t have to be like that. So over on
the blog today, I share four of my
recipes that I brought with me that
first fourth of July and I’m also
sharing one of my recipes that I’m going
to be making this fourth of July. I’m
planning on having burgers and hot dogs
– of course, grass-fed pasture-raised – all
of the good stuff, bunless burgers no
less. I will have some buns for those
people that feel the need to carb
out or that don’t really care about
carbs but for the people that are
wanting to cut back and still enjoy all
that is good for the fourth of July –
all of the good stuff – you can still have
that, just minus the bun. The Avocado Tomato
Cucumber Salad, it’s fabulous. The recipe
that I share today, it serves eight to
ten people… big portions… so one batch of
that and I’m good. I’ll be doing a salad.
I’ll be doing my Spinach and Artichoke
Dip, that’s on the page as
well, and I’ve shared that so many times
because that recipe… I’m kind of known
for that recipe. And you can easily have
that with tortilla chips for, again, for
the people that are carbing out and
don’t care, but for the people that might
be kind of trying to figure out what
you’re doing and maybe this is a new way
for them to think about food, cut up some
peppers, cut up some celery, cut up some
cucumbers. The Buffalo Chicken Dip, I
shared that recipe I don’t know, maybe a
month ago, that and the rotisserie
Chicken Salad, those are two fabulous
dishes to be able to share with others.
The Buffalo Chicken Dip by far and away…
if you’re bringing something to
somebody’s house, let’s say you’re going
to somebody’s house, that is a dish that –
that and the Spinach and Artichoke Dip –
and you’ll be a
hero to everybody I don’t care if
they’re keto or not. Those are some things that can really turn you
from a zero to a keto hero in two
seconds flat. If you are not starting, if
you haven’t started yet, and are trying
to figure out if this whole keto
low-carb healthy eating thing is for you,
go over to my website,
there’s a free 5 day
challenge, it’s called Get Keto Clear, and
that will really kind of hopefully
clarify to you some of the things like
what keto is and what it isn’t and
whether or not this lifestyle is
something that you feel like you can
take on. And for a lot of you that have
already gone through the Get Keto Clear
and are now joining me for the Zero
to Keto program starting on Monday, no
worries. This is the whole reason
why I’m starting this program in July
because I want you to know that it
doesn’t matter what time of year or what
kind of functions or what kind of
holidays or what kind of food
festivities you’re going to be faced
with, you’re always going to have tools
in your toolbox to help get you through
to the other side,
staying in your keto lane, not feeling
deprived, not feeling like you’re going
to cheat at any minute.
There’s even some drinks that I’ll be
sharing in the Zero to Keto group. Over
the next four weeks, I’ll be sharing some
of the things that I do, including some
of the keto-friendly drinks if you’re
going to indulge and have an
adult beverage. You can do that and you
can stay keto, just make sure that when
you do drink that you’ve got some keto
snacks to go with it so that your
inhibitions aren’t lowered and pretty
soon finding yourself just putting
anything in your mouth, we can avoid that.
I can help you avoid that. If you want
these recipes over on, under the blog, today’s blog:
Ketofied 4th of July,
there’s all the recipes there and links
to the other recipes that I’ve shared in
the past. I even have a video on how to
make the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Go to
my Videos go to the Cooking Tutorials.
It’s really easy and I promise you, once
you make it, you will be asked time and
time again to bring it or your family
will beg you to make it or you’ll just
want to make it for yourself as a treat
to have for lunch, dinner, snacks… whatever.
In the meantime, I hope everybody stays
safe, stays in their keto lane, and stays
true to themselves throughout this 4th
of July. If you’re
not celebrating our Independence Day
because you live abroad, I’m sure that
you’ve got other functions and
festivities that you’re going to be
faced with over the next month and in
that Zero to Keto, there are over thirty
dinner recipes. There’s over, I believe, 60
recipes total and that’s breakfast, lunch,
dinner, snacks… the whole nine yards! So
we’ll get you through it! We’ll get you
through whatever you’ve got facing you
for the next month or next year or
hopefully forever at this point. Once you
go keto, you won’t go back, I promise.
Until next Wednesday everybody have a
safe and happy 4th! Take care.

Randall Smitham