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Zoatmeal?! A THM healthy breakfast

Good morning and welcome to Marissa’s kitchen It is breakfast time in my home and I wanted to show you guys of something that I’ve just tried for the second time Brennan’s slurping his cereal if you can hear him Do you want to say hi Brennan? Hi Although it might not be morning in your house, but Anyway, I came across something on Instagram that really caught my eye it was Oatmeal recipe they called it as zoatmeal because you add zucchini to it. And so I Love the thought Oh, Brennan thinks of it. That’s funny. I love the thought of getting in extra veggies early in the day That’s one thing I love about trim healthy mama is it has really given me an appreciation for how good I feel when I’m eating so many vegetables. Breakfast is a hard one for me to get extra vegetables in because I do a lot of email me breakfast This is basically where you add a half cup of shredded zucchini To your oatmeal and I tried making it My arm was getting tired. I tried making it in the microwave and It had kind of like a green foam. So this is my breakfast this morning, and I did not make it in the microwave Um and well actually, okay. I made the oatmeal in the microwave and then I sauteed the zucchini on the stove with this is gonna sound crazy but I with like a quarter teaspoon of Butter and then sprayed I had sprayed the pan with coconut oil but coconut oil cooking spray And I had also put in some cinnamon and a little bit of no, I didn’t add mineral salt But I did have mineral salt to my oatmeal. So after I sauteed that seriously for like only like two or three minutes at most Then I added it to my oatmeal that I had already cooked in the microwave and I had added like five raisins to my oatmeal Before I put in the microwave and say they plump up when it’s cooking And then I cut those raisins that sounds really silly to cut raisins But these actually if you get the Sun made they’re quite plump and so I was able to cut up some and did like sports And I can’t handle a lot of dried fruit And I know that’s something one of the podcasts pearl answering recently have kind of said dried fruit. Okay in a very small amount And my blood sugar I can tell even just those little bit of raisins I can tell that my body responds to it, but I love raisins and oatmeal So anyway, I’m eating this for breakfast this morning, and I don’t know if I can get a good view of my breakfast I’m gonna have to switch views to show you my oatmeal. So here’s what’s left of my oatmeal and I Love that I just love getting in extra veggies and the taste think zucchini bread, I think zucchini muffins Shrim tastic cake, you know when you think of zucchini in something sweet, it’s just kind of like glue. Um, but it actually Is really delicious and I kind of like the texture that it gives and I really like the texture of the raisins and the zucchini When you to get a bite of those together, so you should try this and add a little extra veggies to your money So one last thing I wanted to add it would not be amerced kitchen video if I didn’t add something on the end But um, is that the person that I saw? this on their Instagram was THM Greta and I had asked her permission to Mention where I saw it and she mentioned that she saw it on Cake a trim healthy foods Instagram So if you’re not an Instagram That’s a great place to get I get a lot of inspiration there on things to make and eat and I post My a lot of what I eat on there as well so you can look me up there at on Instagram Marisa’s THM kitchen if you’re interested in following me on there. Anyway, I wanted to give them credit Th I’m Greta did say that she makes her zucchini oatmeal in the microwave in a big Pyrex mixing bowl and Cooks it for four minutes and stirs it after two and three minutes I did not do that. The first time I didn’t do it correctly. I’m realizing I went back and reread it And so I need to try that again. The reason again that I made mine Separate the second time was because I felt like the green foam that cooking in the microwave made around the edges kind of grossed me out and then also the the taste of the zucchini was really a little more overwhelming and so I thought if I sauteed it separate that I could just mix it in and it would maybe be a gentler less noticeable taste and I was right so that’s why I did that but KK trim healthy food had mentioned that she had Seen this she thinks on Pinterest a few years ago, and she’s been trying different Different stuff different veggies in her oatmeal and this is one that they both like so I just wanted to give them credit Let me know if you try it you know, if the first time you try it you might not like it but I would just recommend trying it again and I liked it much better the second time so it may just be like getting used to it I wouldn’t say that flavor and taste is like Incredible but it’s more like hey This is actually pretty good for having veggies in my oatmeal I could get used to this. So just wanted to give you just Inspiration for some veggies in your day and I will see you next time You

Randall Smitham



  1. luvlocs06 Posted on March 25, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Hmmm….definitely not something I would normally try, but I think I will!

  2. Michelle Kimball Posted on March 25, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    I love that you are doing more recipe videos. I will definitely try this. I have to eat oatmeal at lunch because of my morning blood glucose levels.

  3. Stephanie Schlerf Posted on March 25, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    I tried this a couple weeks ago! I didn't know that other THMs were doing it too…I thought I was inventing something new, lol. Try adding some cocoa powder and extra gentle/super sweet instead of cinnamon and raisins. 😉 Thanks for the tip on sauteing the zucchini first… I will do that the next time I make it.